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It would be criminal for Israel to leave their fate in the hands of another country therefore how can they allow Obama to handle the Iranian situation? The president has pressured Israel not to attack Iran until after the presidential elections and he assured Israel that he would deal with this situation and that Israel would be safe. This is coming from a man who was kicking and screaming in order to avoid sanctioning Iran, and only did so after Congress and the European Union pressured him. Obama’s track record for trust when it comes to Israeli security is lackluster at best. Vice-President Biden warned the American Jewish community that they should not make Israel an election topic because Obama would be re-elected and he would remember this, is that a threat? Israel cannot afford to wait until after the presidential elections to attack Iran because Iran is already moving critical nuclear components into a fortified military instillation, thereby making an attack more difficult. Caroline Glick gives further analysis to troubling situation.

Vladimir Putin’s recent “victory” is a bad sign for both Russia and the United States. Putin claimed 63.4% of the vote, after he essentially forced government employees and companies receiving government contracts to vote for him. Russian protests did not mobilize enough people to show Putin that he does not have the support of the populous. Putin’s vision for Russia is “state-capitalism” which means there is a level of free enterprise among the smaller businesses, but the major sectors such as gas and transportation, are in the hands of Putin’s cronies which are former KGB officers. Putin is not playing ball on missile defense, Syria or Iran and in his victory speech, he claimed that he defeated those who want to see the destruction of mother Russia. This statement is made in reference to the United States support for opposition candidates in Russia. Ariel Cohen gives his analysis on the future of Russia and the security implications for the United States.

President Obama has profusely apologized to President Karzai and the Afghan people over the accidently burning of Qurans at a US military base in Kabul. These Qurans were mistakenly burned and when the soldiers realized what was happening, they reached into the flames to pull the books out, yet our president still denounces their actions. These books were used to transmit messages among prisoners, which in Islam is a sin because no one is allowed to write or defile the Quran. These prisoners, who claim to be fighting for Allah, are disrespecting their own holy book yet no one wants to mention this. Also, no one wants to mention that throughout the Muslim world Bibles and Torahs are burned everyday on purpose but when a few Qurans are accidently burned and saved from the fire it causes a huge uproar that results in protests and killings. Now our president is even talking about possibly holding those soldiers criminally responsible and turning them over to a Sharia court; what group of people does Obama work for the Afghan people or the American people? Clare Lopez fills us in on the disturbing details.

What would happen if the Chinese economy collapsed? Recently, the Chinese Premier has lowered China’s growth from 8.0% to 7.3% which is the lowest it’s been in a decade. Gordon Chang claims “china is slowing down fast” and so far this year their growth has been limited to 0-1% which is causing civil unrest. The Communist party has based their legitimacy on economic growth and what fueled that 35 year growth is no longer there. The global market is no longer benign and the work force that propelled China’s economy has aged and is a tax on the economy is helped build. As a result, China has closed of their automotive market to foreign manufacturers forcing the populous to buy domestic cars. This has hurt foreign manufacturers who had bet on the Chinese market, but even Chinese manufacturers are hurting because people aren’t buy cars anymore do to the economic slowdown. Unfortunately, China’s military might resort to misadventures in order to deflect attention away from a possible economic collapse.

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Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is back to one of his favorite pet subjects: bashing America.  So says Dr. Ariel Cohen, Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and first up in today's edition of Secure Freedom Radio.  Cohen, an expert on Eurasia, offers his explanation for Putin’s latest comments referring to America as a “Parasite” on the global economy, as well as what he calls the Obama Administration’s “Reset Regret.”  Cohen also discusses the “Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act” in Congress, and why it is making Russia “take its toys and go home.”

A former member of the most premiere military force, Howard Wasdin, co-author of Seal Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper, joins Frank to discuss his new book as well as his expert analysis of the Osama Bin Laden raid.  After a U.S. Navy special-operations officer recently claimed the Bin Laden mission was not to kill or capture, Wasdin explains from personal experience the standard procedure for operations of that kind.  Judgmental Use of Deadly Force Protocol is used by Seal Team Six, says Wasdin, thereby Bin Laden could have been reaching for a Teddy Bear and been shot for not being completely cooperative.  Wasdin also comments on the budget battle, saying, “We have become a nation of entitled people,” and if we’re afraid to cut entitlements we will put our men and women in uniform at risk.

Then, Major General James Adkins, Adjutant General of the Maryland National Guard, updates us on their operations at home and abroad.  Maj. Gen. Adkins, who recently returned from visiting guardsmen in Bosnia, Estonia, Iraq and Afghanistan, says, “not since World War II has so much been asked of the guard,” making it ever more crucial for Veterans programs.   Since less than one percent of Americans serve in an all volunteer force, Adkins is adamant about offering support for those few via the Job Exchange Program, which helps Veterans find employment after they serve.

Finally, Secure Freedom Radio’s weekly “Boots on the Ground” report comes from former Green Beret Jim Hanson, as he tells what he is hearing from inside the military regarding the defense cuts in the debt ceiling compromise.  He also touches upon the “civility” of Vice President Joe Biden’s comments equating the Tea Party to “Terrorists,” which Hanson says devalues our military by comparing our enemies to the “lame political process” of the debt limit debate.

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