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By sending 100 troops in Africa, most notably to Uganda, has the United States started another international war? Frank kicks off today’s show sharing his thoughts on the recent decision by President Obama to intervene in the battle against rebels in Uganda. Is this simply the Obama administration’s way of asserting their “responsibility to protect” philosophy or an appeasement of the UN? In many circumstances, the United States is told to assert OUR responsibility to protect by international organizations such as the United Nations. However, in order to intervene in such conflicts the United States must first state that it has no vital interest in the nation or region. In Libya, we were told that the United States and NATO had a responsibility to intervene to protect the Libyan people, but in many ways the major bloodshed came following the US and NATO airstrikes. Now we have brought a government to Libya saturated with Muslim Brotherhood officials and connections to al Qaeda.

Is it true that the world has seen the end of the Arab Spring in Egypt? American journalist, Arnaud de Borchgrave continues today’s showing answering this question among others concerning Egypt’s future. De Borchgrave argues that it is not the future of Egypt, but how the idea of democracy in Egypt first started that is important. The true goal in Egypt should be trying to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from gaining a majority in the government and the country. The real problem in combating the Muslim Brotherhood is that they are posing officially as a moderate organization that refuses the admission of extremists. Frankly, the Obama administration is kidding itself if it believes that the character of the Muslim Brotherhood has changed and whether something positive might occur in Egypt as a result of their leadership.

Next, Policy Director of the Foreign Policy Initiative, Robert Zarate talks budget cuts. This past August, the President and Congress enacted a last minute debt deal where they raised the debt ceiling and called for a $1.2 trillion debt reduction. These debt reduction negotiations need to be decided by January 12, 2012. In order to hammer out a deficit reduction packet, the Congress comprised a committee of twelve lawmakers called the Super Committee. The Committee’s objective is to create the deficit reduction packet by Thanksgiving, so that Congress has enough time to debate it. Additionally, Zarate delves into the failed “reset” policy towards Russia. Although Russia continues to have ill intensions towards us, the administration has continued its policy of overpromising and under developing.

Resident China expert at Secure Freedom Radio, Gordon Chang concludes today’s show discussing the changes in the Chinese government. For the past three decades, there was a lost of military power for the Chinese. Since the rise of Hu Jintao, however, there has been a shift of power favoring the military in political affairs. Additionally, it seems like the military will soon become more important than civilians.

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