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What does it take to be Commander-in-Chief of the United States? Barack Obama dazzled voters in 2008 having spent time in other countries and being the son of a Kenyan, but it has become apparent that this global knowledge does not necessarily translate into foreign policy. Heritage Foundation’s Michael Gonzalez explains the shortcomings of the Obama’s policies which have included calling for Israel to push back to the ’67 borders and trying to work with the Iranian dictatorship.

Next, Fred Kagan from the American Enterprise Institute explains why America has lost Iraq because the Obama Administration decided not to push for continued American presence after the end of 2011. Iran has won Iraq over America because with no American influence, Iran is free to come in and sway Iraqi politics and security. The Bush Administration pushed for continued American influence and handed those negotiations over to the Obama Administration which has turned their back and wiped their hands of Iraq. With US forces preparing to leave, al-Qaeda is showing a resurgent as well as local militias within Iraq. Also, cooperation between Sunnis and Shiites has broken along with political inclusiveness. Barack Obama has been able to steal defeat from the jaws of victory.

In segment three, Caroline Glick gives her insights on the prospect of Israel striking Iran’s nuclear installations. “Israel doesn’t talk about existential threats; we take care of them…We have to take care of business.”  Caroline feels that the rumors surrounding a possible Israeli strike on Iran is just that, rumors perpetrated by journalists who like to hype of stories. Israel is doing what it needs to do to protect itself in a very hostile region and although there may be discussions pertaining to possible strikes, the government will not advertise it but just go do it. This is smart foreign policy, not aggressiveness but protecting one’s own existence.

Weekly Asian correspondent Gordon Chang rounds out today’s show with his insights on the growing Chinese threat. America does not fully nor appropriately understand the Chinese threat because America does not actually listen to their policies. As long as America ignores Chinese policies and actions, the United States will always be at risk for conflict. Whether it is in cyberspace or through conventional means, America must acknowledge the Chinese threat and start to take actions to counter such threats and put America’s allies in the region at ease that the United States will come to their aid if needed. China wants to use their financial muscle to make Europe their ally, instead o the United States. If Europe turns to China for financial assistance, what would China get in return? China would like to get weapons from the Europeans that were originally purchased from the United States. The Chinese regime is also proud of their one child policy because it is another way for them to control the population and intrude on the lives of the citizens. Forced abortions and sterilization are rampant which could give rise to political instability as well as economic instability as the population ages.

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