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ROGER NORIEGA, founder of Inter-American Security Watch, analyzes what's happening in Venezuela following the death of Hugo Chavez yesterday, discussing Cuba's involvement in determining whether secession will be constitutional or not, and suggesting ways America can help to fulfill its interests there.

From the Partnership for a Secure America, ROBERT McFARLANE reveals the benefits that America could receive if it were to allow market forces to control the oil trade instead of allowing OPEC to set the prices for oil, including oil independence for America and her allies, more jobs for Americans, and cheaper prices at the pump.

JOEL ROSENBERG, author of Damascus Countdown, explains the quasi-war game setting of his latest novel which explores what would happen if Israel were to preemptively strike a nuclear Iran against the wishes of an American administration.

Syndicated reporter and author of upcoming American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character, DIANA WEST criticizes the GOP's non-strategy for dealing with presidential nominations in reference to issues that needed to be raised but weren't in Chuck Hagel's, John Kerry's, and upcoming John Brennan's Senate hearings.

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With Joel Rosenberg, Henry Nau, Andy McCarthy

·         JOEL ROSENBERG discusses his new book Implosion, and how America’s loss of the culture that made it great is leaving it vulnerable to radical Islamists of all sects and nationalities that are beginning to team up to fight the West.


·         Hoover Institute fellow HENRY NAU discusses the theme of his upcoming book, the seemingly paradoxical idea of conservative internationalism, and how it has played a role in U.S. foreign policy.

Is Obama's Re-Election Delaying Action on Syria?

·         Former federal prosecutor ANDY McCARTHY makes a case for why it is in the U.S.’s best interests to not intervene in Syria, but instead to let both sides fight it out between each other. 

Oh, Those Wily Wascally Webels!

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First, Frank Gaffney joins Fred Grandy, who is hosting the show today, to discuss recent developments from this week.  The central theme seems to be that the world is becoming increasing dangerous by the day and our administration is failing to recognize it. On Wednesday, the Senate and House homeland security committees held their first-ever joint hearing to address the threat from "homegrown" terrorists, particularly terrorist infiltration of the military.  While these committee members see this issue as a serious threat, the administration refuses to use the necessary language to accurately identify the enemy.  In addition, the recent discovery of a massive Chinese tunnel network that is likely being used to conceal China’s nuclear force, further demonstrates the blind eye we are turning to our enemies.


Next Cynthia Farahat joins Fred to discuss her role as one of the principal witnesses that testified in front of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission on December 7th. As a Coptic Christian who recently escaped Egypt, Cynthia has had a firsthand account of the violence towards Coptic Christians, liberals, and moderate Muslims at the hands of the Egyptian military.  Cynthia, along with the other witnesses, calls for an end to the US military aid that is being sent to Egypt.  At the very least something must be done to “condition” this aid.  This would be a positive first step towards the democracy that Cynthia believes is possible for Egypt.


What does the future of the Middle East look like and what could happen if an American president miscalculates with regards to Iran? Joel Rosenberg joins Fred Grandy to discuss his new book, The Tehran Initiative, which paints an amazing realistic picture of how this scenario might unfold.  The plot revolves around a CIA operative who is sent to Iran to identify its nuclear sites and sabotage them in order to prevent a war between the United States and Iran and also the high probability of a preemptive attack from Jerusalem.  Given today’s political climate in which the Obama administration is trying to water-down the recent bi-partisan agreement for strict Iranian sanctions as well as weaken our relationship with Israel, the issues in Rosenberg’s book are a real possibility. 

Today’s show concludes with Bill Gertz, national security editor at the Washington Times.  Bill discusses the controversy regarding Obama’s nominee for the next US ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul.  This issue demonstrates the current administration’s policy of seeking more friendly nuclear relations with Russia.  Unfortunately in the case of arms control, the United States is the only country abiding by such agreements, whereas countries like Russia, China, and Iran continue to strengthen.  We know these countries are spying on us; we are even losing large amounts of technological information through cyber espionage.  So why do we continue the pattern of willful blindness? 

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How do the Republican Presidential candidates feel about cuts for the US defense department? While a majority of the recent debates have centered on jobs and the economy, one individual posed this question about national security to the candidates. Frank begins today’s Secure Freedom Radio examining last night’s GOP debate in Las Vegas. Although four candidates answered the question centered on the defense budget, only one, Newt Gingrich acknowledged that the Super Committee process was majorly flawed. The United States should decide how to deal with defense only after they have done a real review of the threats the US is facing. We truly need to explore the questions that are important to determine what military action is needed before big cuts are implemented. How can we continue to have a historical ignorance of the true situation when people’s lives are on the line?

Are we living in a moment that feels like the early to mid-1930s when Hitler was rising in Germany? Is the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei the new Fuhrer and if so, has the end of the world come? New York Times best-selling writer, Joel Rosenberg gives us an insight into his new book, The Tehran Initiative, where he uses fiction to capture Americans’ attention to what the world would be like if the US and Western powers fail to take decisive action in the Iranian situation. His story parallels what is happening in today’s world where there is an Iranian plot to attack Americans on American soil. Do we have the time for the next President to deal with Iran?

Joining Secure Freedom Radio for the first of many times, Fred Grandy brings Frank some good news. Grandy will be joining Secure Freedom Radio as the new host of its weekly “The Cloak Room” series where Grandy will frankly explore various national security issues with his former colleagues on Capitol Hill. It is a chance for Congressmen to have an inform discussion about big issues such as defense spending and international policies.

Were the French Moroccan Muslim tourists traveling all over the country, taking pictures of public buildings in San Antonio, TX planning a terrorist attack? Weekly regular guest and blogger at, Jim Hanson and Frank poke fun at the lack of political correctness occurring in this case.

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On today’s show, New York Times best-selling author, Joel Rosenburg, joins Frank to address Iran’s nuclear weapon program and the question about whether this represents a biblical prophecy about to be fullfilled. In segment two, Rep. Pete Hoekstra discusses the latest bomb plot, manifesting itself in cargo aircraft. Steve Emerson elaborates on this topic in segment three, talking about these efforts to bring shariah to America. Finally, Gordon Chang gives us a preview of Obama’s efforts to change the subject when it somes to what promises to be a dismal performance tomorrow by his party.

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