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With Fred Grandy, Thomas Henriksen, Jeff Kueter, and Bill Gertz


·        FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy gives his weekly roundup, highlighting an Islamic terrorist coming to the U.S. on behalf of the Obama administration.

Member of Egyptian Terror Group Goes to Washington


·        THOMAS HENRIKSEN from the Hoover Institute provides insight into the growing civil war in Syria, and what the U.S. needs to do to maintain its interests and security.

Syria crisis: U.S. and Russia divided on Assad's future


·         JEFF KUETER, President of the George C. Marshall Institute, discusses the Air Force’s secret space shuttle X-37B and its role in our military.

X-37B, Air Force's Secret Space Plane, Lands in CA After Mysterious Mission


·        BILL GERTZ from the Washington Times analyzes the nuclear weapons situation in the Middle East and how the U.S. should respond to Russia’s actions.

Inside the Ring


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