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Former Israeli Ambassador YORAM ETTINGER:

  • Situation report on the conflict between Israel and Hamas
  • Global consequences of not dealing successfully dealing with Hamas
  • Ways in which Israel can make use of the knowledge it gained from past disputes with Hamas

BILL ROGGIO, of The Long War Journal:

  • Exploitation of the U.S. border crisis by enemies of America
  • The conflict in Gaza and how Hamas is fairing
  • Analyzing why Israel is still viewed as a pariah by the international media, despite exercising restraint in its tactical strikes in Gaza
  • Iraqi military's recent surprise defeat in Tikrit at the hands of the Islamic State

MICHAEL S. SMITH II, co-founder of Kronos Advisory:

  • The concept of ba'yat amongst Al Qaeda and other terror groups
  • Growing rift between ISIS and Al Qaeda
  • Similarities in goals and ideologies among terror groups such as ISIS, Hamas, and Al Qaeda

FRED FLEITZ, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy:

  • Have the security implications of Chinese internet giant Alibaba's IPO entry into the US marketplace been sufficiently analyzed?
  • New reports about the NSA's data collection program
  • Approaching July 20th deadline for the Iranian nuclear talks, and the possibility of sanctions if a deal is not made

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The Heritage Foundation's JIM CARAFANO questions if the failure of the "Russian reset" will prompt the Obama Administration to change course on scaling down the military. He also reports on the overlooked cyberwar Russia is waging against Ukraine, and predicts whether a Russian invasion will stop at the Crimea.

DARIN SELNICK, of Concerned Veterans of America, sheds light on unsettling reports that some Veterans Affairs hospitals have been altering/destroying medical records in order to hide the struggles the VA is facing because of a hollowing out of the military.

Former Israeli Ambassador YORAM ETTINGER analyzes the impact of President Obama's pro-Palestine statements and choice of allies on the relationship between Israel and the United States.

GORDON CHANG, of, provides insight into the Chinese position on Ukraine and its part in greater Russian-Chinese relations.

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With Fred Grandy, Yoram Ettinger, Fred Fleitz, Bill Gertz.

FRED GRANDY, former Congressman from Iowa, predicts that unless a shocking revelation about Hagel's political or personal life comes to light within the next few days, Chuck Hagel will be confirmed as the new Secretary of Defense.

Shortly before Obama's trip to Israel, YORAM ETTINGER of the Ariel Center offers his hopes that this time Obama will not mistakenly equate a solution to the Israel-Palestine dispute with a solution for peace throughout the entire region.

FRED FLEITZ of offers the breaking news that Iran may have enough enriched uranium for up to eight nuclear bombs.

BILL GERTZ of the Washington Times talks with Frank about Obama's soon-to-be-announced push for unilateral disarmament of the United States' nuclear force by up to a third--even as Russia and China both increase their own stockpiles.

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Fred Grandy

· The Muslim Brotherhood is working itself into American society with a “charm campaign” that paints Sharia as a Constitutional friendly way of life.

· Sharia is taking hold throughout Africa, the Middle East and parts of Europe; will it come to the US next?

Representative Gus Bilirakis

· Freedom of religion is under assault in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood is doing everything they can to oppress religious minorities while promoting Sharia

· The US needs to stop giving aid to nations that do not accept religious freedom because we need to start standing up for the values that we in this country take for granted

Yoram Ettinger

· How concerned should we be considering our government is starting another round of negotiations with Iran?

· While President Obama negotiates, Iran is getting closer to obtaining a nuclear weapon that could alter the balance of power in the Middle East?

Bill Gertz

· The US has stopped engaging in counterintelligence operations because our government does not want to admit that their might be employees that are no longer loyal to the United States

· Can the US government stop believing they are not vulnerable to leaks and moles before another devastating attack occurs?

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Sylvia Longmire, a retired Air Force captain and former Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, provides analysis on Mexico and the influence of drug cartels in the coming elections.

Are the advisors of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez already acting like he’s dead? What will happen to Venezuela when Chavez actually dies? Former U.S. ambassador to the Organization of American States, Roger Noriega, of the American Enterprise Institute weighs in.

Former Israeli Ambassador Yoram Ettinger contributes with his take on the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. Ambassador Ettinger explains how the Muslim Brotherhood supports Islamic terrorist organizations as well as terrorist cells.

Jim Hanson asses the US deal to give Afghani judges veto power over the US operations. Is President Obama endangering the U.S military by bargain with the enemy?

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Retired Army General Jerry Boykin sits down with Frank to weigh in on the repressive fire he is under from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim Brotherhood front organization that works to promote Sharia and prevent the freedom of speech in the U.S. What is the leadership of America doing to block the influence of organizations such as CAIR? Do the Muslims in this country support the idea of replacing the Constitution with Sharia?

Representative Tim Huelskamp from Kansas joins Fred Grandy for another segment of Inside the Cloakroom in order to explain his new piece of legislation called the Military Religion Freedom Protection Act. This piece of vital legislation would ensure that servicemen would be able to act on their own conscience without fear of reprisal from the leadership. These men and women stand up and fight for our freedom, we need to ensure that their religious freedom is protected. Military chaplains should not be forced to perform ceremonies that go against their own beliefs nor should they be penalized for standing up for those beliefs. What is the future of our military if the president gets his way and cuts even more of the defense budget?

Yoram Ettinger speaks with Frank to highlight the situation between Israel and Iran, and what the United States’ role and responsibility is in all this. Does the U.S. support Israel’s intention to strike against Iran preemptively? Will the U.S. stand by Israel if it attacks Iran? How does Israel feel about the events taking place in Egypt? What threat does the rise of Muslim Brotherhood pose to Israel and the entire Middle East?

Roger Noriega gives his analysis on the recent warnings that senior intelligence officers received that Iran is planning an attack on the United States. How does South America play a role in this threat, especially Venezuela? Does Venezuela’s instability or lack of transitional plan after Chavez work in the favor of Iran? Is the current administration responsible for emboldening Iran? Noriega then moves on to talk about China’s role in South America and how this could affect U.S. national security?

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Former Israeli Ambassador Yoram Ettinger joins Secure Freedom Radio to discuss the upheavals in the Middle East, namely in Libya with the recent reports of Qaddaffi’s imminent fall.  While some praise the so-called “Facebook revolutions,” Amb. Ettinger explains why the tribal, ethnic and religious fragmentation of the region will not allow for a march to Democracy.  The rise of the rebel forces in Libya may be another example of the ascendancy of radical elements due to America’s eroding posture.  A consultant to Israel’s Cabinet, Ettinger explains why the elections in Egypt will be very telling for the future role of the Muslim Brotherhood, and also how Sinai is rapidly becoming a “mini Afghanistan” with a surge of terrorist attacks, making it apparent that the U.S. and Israel secure victory in the region, not coexistence or cease fire agreements.

Ken Jenkins, Deputy Special Agent in Charge, Criminal Investigation Division, U.S. Secret Service, heads the counterfeiting branch, a task that poses new challenges in the digital age.  Jenkins breaks down the distinctions between foreign and domestic counterfeiting and and tells of the work he is doing to combat it.  The agency was first established for this purpose, has since seized over $129 million in fake counterfeit bills through “Project Colombia,” and also works against cyber crime and identity theft.  Counterfeiting is most prevalent in Colombia and Peru, with the Peruvian note appearing most in the U.S.  Agent Jenkins, a 20-year veteran of the Secret Service, also explains how investigations are underway into possible counterfeiting originating from Hezbollah and North Korea.

Then, Richard L. Holm, former station chief for the CIA, joins Frank to discuss his new book, The Craft We Chose: My Life in the CIA, an account of his work within the agency beginning in 1961, at the height of the Cold War.  Holm explains why intelligence gathering is infinitely more difficult today than in the past.  “You simply don’t meet these guys at a cocktail party,” says Holm, about our enemies in the War of Terror, as Jihadists transcend national borders.  The recipient of the Distinguished Intelligence Medal, the highest award the agency can bestow, Holm also details his courageous story working in Laos and the Congo, where a plane crash left him stranded for 10 days.  Suffering from severe burns covering 30 percent of his body, only a balm made from snake fat from the Natives saved his life.  His remarkable story magnifies the importance of human intelligence in warfare, and is demonstrable of the valor of our clandestine services.

Finally, after the Mr. Biden goes to China excursion, Gordon Chang, of Forbes, recaps the venture in which the Vice President made his best attempt at placating the Chinese.  Chang explains why his efforts only “made the Dragon’s ego bigger,” in a culture that respects strength, not weakness.  Our resident expert on all things Asia discusses how the Communist structure prevents any transfer in leadership from impacting the government, saying “you could put the Pope in as General Secretary of the Communist Party” and nothing would change.  He also notes that America is encouraging all the wrong tendencies in China by not selling F-16s to Taiwan, and predicts more protests will spring up in the country.

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Since the revelation of the “The China Dream” proved to mean China’s rise and America’s fall from the number one global superpower, a growing militarization has become prevalent in the Communist nation. Secure Freedom Radio’s resident China expert Gordon Chang discusses this view within the People’s Liberation Army and the current unrest  with riots in the Guangdong province.  Ambassador Yoram Ettinger, joins Frank to discuss his demographic data proving that the Palestinian Authority have artificially inflated the number of Arabs living in the West Bank by 66 percent, as well as Palestine’s continued terrorism, hate education and non-compliance.  Also, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute Christopher Ford examines cyber arms control and the differing determinations of what constitutes a cyber attack in varying nations around the world.  And finally, Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois, discusses energy security as he sees it from the Environment and the Economy Subcommittee Chair.

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Yoram Ettinger speaks on the “new” Egypt which is more overtly aligning itself with rogue organizations causing Israel to be more vigilant and their enemy’s ore belligerent.  Erick Stackelbeck exposes Pennsylvania resident, Imam Fathullah Gulan’s devious actions here in the U.S. and around the world. Amin Ismail of the Nuba Moutains and Bokthok Siyr educates Americans on the tragic events taking place in Sudan and their continued struggle for freedom and peace between the North and South. Bill Gertz explores the shakeup at the Pentagon and what that means for the direction of national security policy, or will it just be business as usual?

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Not all the wounds of war are visible; Rita Cosy gives her insights on the affects of PTSD through her new book “Quiet Hero” as well as the status of the war in Afghanistan.  Yoram Ettinger gives his own insights on what is happening in the Middle East and what DC that will have international repercussions.  Anthony Kimery analyzes the borders insecurity and the policies that are hindering our border agents from actually securing the border. Andy McCarthy examines the “Arab Spring” as well as interrogation techniques that lead to bin Laden’s demise.

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