Kent Clizbe, Mark Steyn, Paul Kengor, Jim Hanson

Sources inside Lebanon informed former CIA case officer, Kent Clizbe, that the recent candidate for the House of Delegates in Virginia, David Ramadan has personal ties to the Lebanese and Syrian intelligence services. When Clizbe arranged to meet with Ramadan for background information, he refused to answer any questions and acted suspiciously. Kent Clizbe further explains the need for asset validation, or vetting political candidates to make sure they are who they say they are and can do what they say they can do.

New York Times bestselling author, Mark Steyn joins Secure Freedom Radio to give listeners an insight into his new book, After America: Get Ready for Armageddon. In After America, Steyn discusses how America has been in economic decline since the 1950s. If the leaders of the United States do not fix the problem by 2015, we are doomed to total decline. Furthermore, he argues that the two centuries Western dominance in the world will be replaced by the dominance of totalitarian regimes and religious Caliphates. The peace and prosperity in which the United States has become accustomed, says Steyn, is not due to Mother Nature, but rather due to international conditions.

Next, Paul Kengor talks with Frank about the lessons we can learn from the Reagan presidency in order to solve the current economic crisis. From the Reagan perspective, the United States cannot afford to give up its economic and military strengths. It is this defense strength and military spending that helped collapse the Soviet Union. According to Kengor, the basic problem of the United States is a spending problem in general, not just in the military. Moreover, he argues that the economy can only grow if we stimulate the private, not public sector.

Secure Freedom Radio’s resident “boots on the ground” expert, Jim Hanson, concludes today’s show with his remarks on the tragic helicopter crash that killed 30 American soldiers. While he refutes claims that Obama or Biden had a part in the crash, he condemns the administration’s misuse of troops for any political reasons.

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