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Jim Hanson, Rep. Mike Turner, Matt Brodsky, Gordon Chang

May 30th, 2012

o Former Special Forces operator JIM HANSON gives his take on Obama announcing the last US offensive in Afghanistan and what that means to our allies and enemies. He also talks about the defense cuts and how the US is buying faulty military technology from China.

Senator Threatens To Cut Off All Aid To Pakistan

o REP. MIKE TURNER discusses Obama disarming the US while making secret deals with our enemies.

Turner to POTUS: Share Your Draft Agreements of Secret Deals with Russia

o MATT BRODSKY of the Jewish Policy Center talks about the Syrian civil war, which is causing new terrorist organizations to form as well as Obama outsourcing foreign policy.

‘Jihad Central’ in Syria

o Asian analyst GORDON CHANG looks at Secretary Panetta’s trip to Asia and if America’s allies really believe what he has to say. Also, can the US protect its friends while cutting the defense budget? Investors are hesitant to put their money into China considering the economic strife, what is the future of the Red Dragon?

China’s Revolutionary Thinking on Private Capital

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