Senator Ron Johnson, Bing West, Marc Thiessen, Adam Kredo

Senator RON JOHNSON, representative of Wisconsin and member of the Foreign Relations and Homeland Security Committees, provides a first hand perspective of the recent congressional hearing over US intervention in Syria and shares his criticism of the lack of knowledge shown by the Obama administration. 

BING WEST, former Assistant Secretary of Defense and Author of "Into the Fire", raises the important unanswered questions with regards to US intervention in Syria; how is it possible to perform a surgical attack and change the calculus of Assad; who will take power after Assad; what will happen to the stockpile of chemical weapons after the US intervenes?

MARC THIESSEN, of American Enterprise Institute, expresses his advice to a possible strike upon Syria and who the US might be able to ally itself within Syria.

ADAM KREDO, senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon, offers his expertise on the ramifications of Syria providing Hezbollah with chemical weapons.

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