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Is North Korea’s failed missile launch more devastating to regional stability than if the test had succeeded? According to Riki Eillison, North Korea will learn more about their systems because of that failure and will be able to not just fix the problems but also enhance the parts that did work. What will happen to the next missile that North Korea tests?

Is the government of North Sudan teetering on collapse? Andrew Natsios explains how the rebels in the Nuba Mountains are posing a real roadblock to the North’s Islamist government. How far will the North go to gain the upper hand?

Why is the Obama Administration courting the Muslim Brotherhood? Walid Phares sees this courtship as serving no purpose other than giving the Muslim Brotherhood legitimacy in Egypt and the Western world. The Muslim Brotherhood is slowly and methodically putting the pieces together in Egypt in order to solidify their power.

Who is more dangerous, North Korea or China? Gordon Chang explains the weakness in the Chinese economy, which could make them more dangerous than North Korea. Are North Korea’s actions detrimental to China or is the communist regime supporting these provocations?

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