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With Andy Polk, KT McFarland, Christian Whiton, and Eric Schmitt

LIGNET Analyst ANDY POLK analyzes the French cartoon that resulted in the closure of twenty French embassies throughout the Middle East. Will France submit to Sharia and curtail free speech?

KT McFARLAND of Fox News explains how Obama’s schizophrenic foreign policy resulted in the death of an US ambassador, the destruction of US property and the general hatred for America.

CHRISTIAN WHITON of DC International Advisory talks about how the Islamists are turning to politics in order to gain power. He highlights the Islamist rise in Egypt, Iran working towards a nuclear weapon and the potential Islamist rise in Syria to explain why Obama’s pathetic diplomacy is not working.

Eric Schmitt of the NY Times questions Obama’s position that al-Qaeda has been weakened even though they were involved in the recent attacks on US embassies.

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