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The NYPD investigating mosques or the Muslim community is no different than an investigation in Colombians that might be connected to drug cartels or Italians that might be connected to the mafia. Islamic extremists are using their religion to cover-up their nefarious intentions; if you have nothing to hide and aren’t meeting with extremists than you have nothing to worry about. Asra Nomani explains that the Muslim community needs to evolve and stop with this draconian and radical interpretation of Muslim scripture. There is a battle between the radicals and the moderates and the moderates must prevail so they can create a new image of Islam, one not associated with terrorism. A change must occur, but it can only come from within the Muslim community; Muslims in America want to live within American society, not destroy it. How can we criticize those that are trying to protect us?

The environmentalist movement sees humans as vermin that are a cancer to the earth. This movement has hurt the US economy and restricted free enterprise by forcing businesses to adhere to standards that actually have very little effect on the environment. They seek to limit the production of CO2 because they feel it hurts earth, yet CO2 promotes plant life and the world has actually become more greener as a result of CO2 admissions. Robert Zubrin elaborates on how this totalitarian movement prevents exploration of new drugs and scientific enhancements to certain foods which could help poor and starving nations. Children go blind and people die because they do not receive the proper nutrition, and environmentalists won’t allow scientists to add these crucial vitamins to the food supply of these starving nations. Shouldn’t we use the environment to help make mankind a little bit better?

China is facing a tumultuous transition from the fourth generation to the fifth generation leadership, a transition that the Chinese claim is smooth and moving with ease. Although the Chinese claim this is a smooth transition, Gordon Chang sees chaos and splintering within the Communist Party. Recently, the US handed over a high ranking police lieutenant that tried to defect to America, back to the Chinese government. This lieutenant had in his possession, secret documents that show the illegal transform of money out of China by the wife of a high ranking Communist Party leader. Did America give those documents back too? Japan warns of the problems China is creating in the region and notes that America’s allies cannot handle Chinese aggression on their own. North Korea is testing a ballistic missile next month, even though they promised they wouldn’t and even though the UN Security Council banned North Korea from such tests two years ago. What is the lesson here? North Korea gets much of its technology from China which gets it From Iran therefore this is really an Iranian ballistic missile test.

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