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Could the old Chinook aircraft supplied by the National Guard to answer a call for help from US military men have been the cause of the tragic helicopter crash in Afghanistan that killed 30 US soldiers, including 22 elite Navy SEALs? Former US Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin joins Frank to reflect on this event and how he believes that the crash was a result of the dated Boeing Chinook being used in assault operations. He also discusses that the change in strategy from traditional military build-up to a focus on implementing Special Forces will be detrimental to protecting the United States from the threats of our enemies.

Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and one of the leading authorities in the US on arms control, Baker Spring enlightens Secure Freedom Radio on the two major elements of the debt-ceiling bill: the cuts happening now until 2021 and the cuts that will happen if the Super Committee fails in approving further cuts. Moreover, he probes into the failure of Congress to establish a permanent baseline for defense cuts. Spring also offers his opinions on the Russian reset mechanism being employed to explore US weaknesses and advance Russian interests.

Next, Editor of The Jerusalem Post and Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Caroline Glick comments on the social protests instigated by the radical left in Israel. She examines how the protests are an example that the leftist media can easily manipulate the public. Glick further probes the issue of the deregulation of industries in Israel over the past 20 years and the media’s role in shielding the public from an explanation of the advantages of a free market economy.

Contributing Editor for the National Review Online and weekly guest on Secure Freedom Radio, Andy McCarthy concludes today’s show by discussing his recent article, “Christie’s ‘Crazies.” McCarthy enlightens us on how New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, recently appointed an Islamist, Sohail Mohammed, as an attorney in New Jersey’s Superior Court.

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