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A decrease in the apprehension of illegal immigrants but an increase in that of narcotics does not equate to a more secure border than ever, as the Obama Administration claims.  Anthony Kimmery of Homeland Security Today, who spent a month on the Mexican border, talks with Frank about the administration’s use of an allowable quota for illegal immigrants to “cook the books.” Claire Lopez, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, discusses the International Atomic Energy Agency’s latest report regarding Iran’s undeniable pursuit of a nuclear weapon, as well as its leadership’s pursuit to hasten the return of the 12th Imam, and a possible alliance with Hugo Chavez and Venezuela. Amin Ismail and Bokthok Siyr discuss the oil-rich Sudan border town of Adiyah in which the North and South are vying for control. Finally, Jeff Smith of the American Foreign Policy Council informs on the Islam identity crisis in Pakistan, and the conflicting forces within the Pakistani Taliban.

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Yoram Ettinger speaks on the “new” Egypt which is more overtly aligning itself with rogue organizations causing Israel to be more vigilant and their enemy’s ore belligerent.  Erick Stackelbeck exposes Pennsylvania resident, Imam Fathullah Gulan’s devious actions here in the U.S. and around the world. Amin Ismail of the Nuba Moutains and Bokthok Siyr educates Americans on the tragic events taking place in Sudan and their continued struggle for freedom and peace between the North and South. Bill Gertz explores the shakeup at the Pentagon and what that means for the direction of national security policy, or will it just be business as usual?

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