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Colonel (Ret.) CHRIS PERKINS, former Green Beret and candidate for Virginia’s 11th Congressional District, stops by the show today to talk to Frank about sequestration and the devastating effects it would have on Virginia.

BRANDON WEBB, former United States Navy SEAL and editor-in-chief of, talks with Frank today about new rules of engagement in Afghanistan for Special Operations soldiers as well as the horrific green-on-blue attacks that have occurred over the past several months.

ROBERT ZARATE of the Foreign Policy Initiative talks about the effects of sequestration cuts on America’s defense industry and security capabilities. Frank and Zarate also touch on the WARN Act and the current controversy taking place around the White House’s recent statements in regards to the WARN Act and tax dollars.

GORDON CHANG of frames the elements of currency manipulation and the weaponization of trade and investment by China in terms of the tomorrow night’s presidential debate.

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