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One of the most fundamental rights that the Constitution supports is religious freedom. Throughout the Middle East and Africa, religious minorities are being persecuted and therefore are fleeing their native lands. What can the US do to ensure religious freedom throughout the world? Fred Grandy explains that the US needs to acknowledge the persecution and refuse to work with governments that do not protect freedom of religion. Is the right to religious freedom in America under attack from Sharia?

Americans are feeling the effects of higher gas prices; which in turn is making them question the energy security of the United States. Sarah Steelman talks about how the Obama Administration is failing to do what is needed in order to separate America from foreign oil and to promote energy security within the US. As a result of relying on foreign oil and an aging infrastructure, President Obama is essentially ignoring American energy and economic prosperity. When will he wake up and realize we must be in control of our own energy and our own economy?

Gal Luft piggybacks this topic with his analysis on the need for an open fuel standard, which would give the consumer choices as to how to fuel their automobiles. If this is such a security necessity, why is the president failing to act? It is easy to ignore rising gas prices when you drive around in a motorcade that is fueled by taxpayer money.

Louis Farrakhan spoke at UC Berkley recently and told the African-American students not to become friends with Jews because they were behind African slavery. This bigoted accusation is completely untrue and hypocritical. Charles Jacobs explains how there is still African slavery going on today, but the perpetrators are mostly other Africans and Muslims. Farrakhan claims that African-Americans should convert to Islam because it will set them free, yet he hides the fact that Islamic countries are enslaving Africans, even African Muslims.

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Fred Grandy joins Frank to explain the Islamist agenda to suppress American liberties.  There is an “unholy” alliance between the Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood in which to create a Sharia compliant state and persecute those who do not adhere to this strict Islamic law. What does this mean for those who seek freedom in Egypt? Is this the future of the Arab Spring? Currently the U.S. aid is being used to buy weapons that are being used against minorities in Egypt. Will America keep giving money to these Sharia compliant regimes?

David Satter explains what is happening in Russia. The Russian people are sick and tired of the elite political party, the United Party, which has had their stranglehold over the people and the nation’s wealth. The United Party got less than 50% of voter support in recent elections showing Putin and his party that people will no longer tolerate the bribery, corruption and intimidation that have run rampant throughout Russia. Will Russia finally turn a corner towards true democracy or is this a hollow vote? What alternatives do the Russian people have? The Communist party has garnered more support in the wake of the United Party’s weakening, but will Russia fall back to Communism or is there no better option? Unfortunately, Vladimir Putin will be re-elected but his time of being unchallenged is over; what will this clash mean for Russian security?

Charles Jacobs visits Frank to explain the work being done in Nashville, Tennessee. Jacobs and his supporters work to combat the growing threat from radical Muslims within the United States. Jacobs works to vet and expose the stealth jihadists within the United States in hopes that liberal academics, politicians and other influential members of society will no longer bend over backwards to appease the ones who wish to either control or kill Americans. When will Americans open their eyes to the threat from the stealth jihad? Jacobs explains the increased hatred of Jews from the Muslim community, but notes that the American Jewish community has done little to combat this growing tide of anti-Semitism because they wish to be politically correct and not offend anyone even those who wish to kill them. Has political correctness gone too far? Which is more important, political correctness or security?

Rep. Todd Akin joins Fred Grandy inside the Cloakroom to discuss the defense cuts. Before the sequestration cuts, DOD has already cut somewhere between $450-$600 billion which is the equivalent of 45 aircraft carries. This is already a huge cut before the Pentagon even gets to the sequestration cuts. There is a false idea that these cuts take place in 2013 and therefore does not apply to security today. The military is already making cuts today, in anticipation for the cuts in 2013. The Navy will be decommissioning 50 ships, taking the number of available ships down to 290 ships. As recently as 1990, the Navy had almost doubled that number. Our military is about half of what it was in 1990, how can they provide adequate security? How can our navy patrol the globe with its size? 90% of all commerce travels through water therefore our navy must patrol the seas to provide security to those products. What can be done to help ensure national and global security? Is Obamacare and Entitlements more important than security?

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