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Mark Krikorian explains how the Obama Administration is rubbing stamping immigrant waiver applications to any illegal immigrant married to a U.S. citizen thereby bypassing Congress and the immigration law. Mark then goes into how Homeland Security’s General Council produced an internal memo that listed ways to circumvent aspects of the immigration law in order to approve immigrant applications and provide Amnesty to illegals. The president is ruling by decree and feels American laws and Congress are just impediments to his own desires. The Department of Justice is suing states for their own immigration law if it somehow differs from Obama’s priorities. Obama feels the states must follow his rule and what he wants done. The president is supposed to work for the people, not rule over them like a monarch. What road is this king-like president taking America down? What type of people is he allowing to stay in the United States? What is the point of laws if the president does not follow them and where is Congress in all of this?

Retired Navy SEAL Team 3 operator Chris Kyle spends time with Frank to talk about his new book “American Sniper: Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History.” Kyle has been dubbed “Legend” by his comrades and “The Devil of Rhamadi” by his enemies. Kyle has a confirmed 160 kills, the most ever in the U.S. military and explains how that was only possible do to the skill and excellence of the American fighting force in which he served. Kyle also explains how America won the war in Iraq and it is time that Iraq take control of its own country, but the withdrawal did not have to be so expedited.  The cuts to America’s armed forces will leave some in uniform under quipped, making their job harder to do. The Obama Administration is planning on doubling the amount of Special Operators like Kyle, but with fewer resources and less support from conventional forces. SpecOps cannot take the lead in going after America’s enemies, conventional forces are what makes SpecOps successful and therefore are needed in order for men like Chris Kyle to do their jobs.

Gordon Chang closes today’s show with his analysis of the Asian economic slump with is causing most countries in the region to slow down to even contract. This slump can be traced back to the European crisis and Asia sees that crisis as having a long term impact. Export factors in China are closing and any growth the country sees may be just around 1 or 2%. The Communist Party has staked their future on economic growth and without that growth the people will question the government beyond the current unrest which has already gripped the nation. The Chinese government tore down a mosque angering the local Muslim population and thereby creating enemies and conflicts. This is just another example of the Communist party trying to control religion. China is worried America may be paying more attention to their activities. What will this mean for security in the region? What will be the future of North Korea after 6 or 12 months under Kin Jung Un and with the military vying for more power?

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