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With Al Fadi, Caroline Glick, Col. Kurt Schlichter, and Gordon Chang


·         AL FADI of the Qur’an Project Group discusses his work in teaching Muslims and non-Muslims alike about the true meanings of the Qur’an. He also discusses the recent election of a Muslim Brother to the Egyptian presidency, and what that could mean for U.S. national security.

The Egyptian Election – Who’s The Winner?


·         CAROLINE GLICK of the Center for Security Policy analyzes the detrimental consequences of the newly elected Egyptian president and illuminates the dangers that Turkey represents as another country with a leader from the Muslim Brotherhood.

 Election of Islamist as Egyptian president raises concerns in Israel


·         COL. KURT SCHLICHTER of the California Army National Guard talks about how defense cuts will cause an increased reliance on the Army Reserves and the National Guard. Since the 9/11 attacks, the Reserves and the National Guard have been on the front lines of our fight for national security.

Reservists' Role Will Grow in Future U.S. Wars


·         GORDON CHANG of discusses life in North Korea, China’s military space program, and developments in the current conflict in the South China Sea.

‘Marked for Life’ in North Korea | World Affairs Journal


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