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Douglas Murray, Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, joins Frank to discuss the massacre in Norway and warns against those who may use the tragedy for political motivations. Murray cites the division between the urging to not jump to conclusions when an attacker cries “Allahu Akbar,” versus immediately asking “Why did Sarah Palin do it?” when Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot. Murray sees parallels to the shooting in Tucson, Arizona, as he understands Anders Behring Breivik to be a lone wolf with an “entirely insane view,” and fears the attack in Olso will bring more calls for censorship in Europe, much like Tucson brought cries for “civility,” in America. Next, Cynthia Ayers, Vice President of EMPact America, discusses how our electric grid is vulnerable to an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) event, either naturally from a geo-magnetic storm or by an attack from our adversaries. Ayers’ warns that a high altitude blast could devastate the electric grid, knocking the U.S. back to the technology of the 1800s, leading to massive casualties. With the recent news of China’s development of an EMP weapon, as well as being overdue for a geo-magnetic storm, Ayers encourages the passing of the SHIELD act in congress to protect the grid. Jeremy Rabkin, Professor of Law at George Mason University, then joins Frank for a special sovereignty watch. The author of Law without Nations?: Why Constitutional Government Requires Sovereign States, expresses his concerns for the Administration’s acts of lawlessness from potentially invoking the 14th amendment as a means to raise the debt ceiling, to abandoning the enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act. He also talks about the situation in Libya, where there is no precedent for a four-month long military action without congressional approval. Rabkin asserts the rationale for the unilateral action: “It doesn’t matter if this is not consistent with our Constitution; it’s consistent with somebody’s.” Finally, Gordon Chang, our resident China expert, sheds light on what Asians generally believe about the debt ceiling debate and whether or not the U.S. will default. Chang, of, also explains how North Korea wants to restore the six-party talks, and why the U.S. would be foolish to do so.

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