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CHRISTIAN WHITON, of the DC International Advisory and former State Department Senior Advisor, gives context to President Obama’s recently announced appointment of Susan Rice to National Security Advisor.

BILL GERTZ, of the Washington Free Beacon, discusses  the summit between President Obama and his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping.

DANIEL PIPES, President of the Middle East Forum, gives a historians perspective on Samantha Power’s appointment as UN Ambassador and what that means for future action within Syria. Frank and Daniel also discuss  Sunni and Shiite conflicts, and the recent uprising in Turkey.

Senior adviser for the Menges Hemispheric Security Project at the Center for Security Policy, LUIS FlEISCHMAN, talks about his new book “Latin America in the Post Chavez Era: The Security Threat to the United States.” He gives an overview of whether or not Venezuela is still stuck in a post-Chavez era as well as an analysis on some of the most important topics currently found in the media including; the Venezuelan State Ministry’s newly released statement detailing their outlook on American-Venezuelan relations as well as the recently released State Department’s 2012 counter terrorism report.

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With Congressman Michael Turner, Hans von Spakovsky, Daniel Pipes, Diana West.

Congressman Michael Turner of Ohio's 10th district lays out a detailed case for why the absence of a sound missile defense strategy is hurting the United States.

Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation goes over the IG report detailing racial bias at the Department of Justice that was encouraged by Thomas Perez, Obama's nominee for Secretary of Labor.

Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum, explains the threat of anarchy that overshadows Egypt at the moment, which strongly breaks with its 20th century tradition.

Diana West, author of Death of the Grown-Up, talks about the strong relationship between the leader of the Syrian rebels and Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups in the U.S.

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With Diana West, Walid Phares, Daniel Pipes, and Clare Lopez

The true scope of the post-Benghazi cover up has largely been ignored due to the over-focus on the Susan Rice comments. Diana West connects the moving pieces and the evolving narrative surrounding the Sept. 11th attacks in Libya.

Walid Phares gives his view on Morsi’s recent decree which grants him more power over Egypt and the ability to declare laws that the judicial committee cannot renounce. He explains that this new move for more power could be just the beginning to a new dictatorship.

Daniel Pipes talks from Israel about the Israeli cease fire agreement with Hamas and how Morsi cultivated this agreement in a manner that benefits Hamas. He then moves onto Turkey which is becoming increasingly Islamist and therefore poses a threat to both Europe and the fragile stability in the Middle East.

Former CIA officer Clare Lopez analyzes the growing concern over the health of the king of Saudi Arabia. It looks like whoever takes the helm, will not be a friend of the United States and therefore could throw the region into more chaos and instability.

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With Diana West, Daniel Pipes, Brett Decker, Andy McCarthy

Columnist DIANA WEST talks about the recent decision to halt joint operations with Afghan security forces in light of the recent green-on-blue attacks. She also explains how Islam and western values can never coincide and our sensitivity training is nothing more than submitting to the will of our enemies.

DANIEL PIPES expresses his opinion that Obama was born and raised a Muslim and therefore is sympathetic to their cause, even when their cause results in the death of Americans. He also explains that Obama’s ideals are shaped by leftist radicals who see America as the source of the world’s problems.

Washington Times columnist Brett Decker stops by the show today to discuss President Obama’s foreign policy.  Decker argues that there were signs in Obama’s inaugural address in which the President suggested that he sought to weaken and humble America on the world stage.  Decker asserts that Obama’s approach to foreign policy has the potential to be disastrous not only for America’s standing as global hegemony, but to the security and well-being of American citizens.  After all, if a U.S. ambassador can be killed due to Obama’s weakness, what could happen to the average American while traveling abroad?

Former federal prosecutor ANDY McCARTHY gives his view on the Obama Administration’s reasoning behind the attacks on US embassies. He also explains how the left can use these attacks to wage a war on freedom of speech, claiming it must be curtailed in order to protect others.

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