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With Robin Simcox, Daniel Silva, Claudia Rosett, and Gordon Chang

ROBIN SIMCOX of The Henry Jackson Society talks about the terrorist threats that London faces with the Summer 2012 Olympic Games coming up in the next few weeks. One suspected threat is an alleged al-Shabaab fighter known as CF, who UK Security authorities have been monitoring closely.

Terrorist threat to the Olympics thwarted : Henry Jackson Society

Author DANIEL SILVA discusses his new book “The Fallen Angel”. Although it is a work of fiction, the book has some striking similarities to the real-life situation in Egypt as it is currently evolving. Silva gives us his take on the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ascent to power in many Middle Eastern nations.

The Fallen Angel | Daniel Silva

Freelance journalist CLAUDIA ROSETT discusses what role the UN is playing at the moment, using the UN’s sanctions with Iran as an example of yet another problem of the UN.

Claudia Rosett: How Iran Steams Past International Sanctions

GORDON CHANG from also looks into the existing sanction arrangements in Iran, saying that the U.S. needs to stand with Israel and give them military stores. As the Asia expert, Chang also explains China’s aggressive moves in the South China Sea, as well as what South Korea’s upcoming election means for both North Korea and the U.S.

Four Steps to Stop Iran

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