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  • MARC THIESSEN from the American Enterprise Institute explains how Obama is using sensitive information in order to bolster his campaign. Obama is also doing the same things that he criticized former President Bush for doing, yet no one is giving him the same grief they gave Bush.

The Obama-Bush doctrine – The Washington Post

  • DR. ARTHUR HERMAN of AEI discusses his new book “Freedom’s Forge” and how understanding history will help America prosper and be secure in the future.

Arthur Herman — Freedom’s forge: How American business produced victory in World War II

  • Foreign Policy Initiative director ROBERT ZARATE analyzes the defense cuts and how the president seems to be ignoring his experts on the repercussions to these sequestration cuts. Will these cuts allow the US to pivot towards Asia; which the president says will happen?

FPI Bulletin: An Off-Balance Pivot to Asia?

  • Former federal prosecutor ANDY McCARTHY discusses the growing civil war in Syria. If the US decides to arm the rebels, who exactly will they be arming and what are the consequences of that decision?

Romney’s Syria Problem

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