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With Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Amb. Yoram Ettinger, Dr. Robert Zubrin, Gordon Chang

Former Army officer LT. GEN. JERRY BOYKIN gives his take on the Benghazi attacks and how the Obama Administration is purposefully deceiving the nation.

AMBASSADOR YORAM ETTINGER analyzes the Israeli Prime Ministers’ speech in which he clearly defined a red line for Iran’s nuclear program. He explains how Israel and the US must be united against Iran otherwise they will achieve a nuclear weapon and it will be too late to respond.

DR. ROBERT ZUBRIN talks about Obama’s unwillingness to go after Iran’s nuclear facilities or the facilities that power the nuclear reactors. This hesitation could lead to Iran achieving a nuclear weapon and the Middle East thrown into chaos.

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG explains China’s cyber attacks on the US, and most recently their attack on the White House military office.

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