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A newlywed Muslim couple in Canada received a book as their wedding gift which conveys to the husband ways to beat his wife if she disobeys him.  Tarek Fatah, a well known Canadian radio talk show host, discusses this appalling book, “A Gift for Muslim Couple.” What is Canada’s reaction to this book?  This book was originally sold in India and Pakistan and was handed to young brides to instill the idea that she must keep her husband and in-laws happy, and if she does not then the husband is allowed to beat her for her mistakes. Fatah points out that this is not the only appalling book available in Islamic book stores in Canada. Is the answer to this censorship or censure-ship?

Edwin Meese who holds the Ronald Reagan Chair in Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation provides more information about the initiative he is directing about defending the identity of the voting process. He reminds us why voting is the most important liberty we have as citizens and also one of our biggest duties that must be protected from fraud and other illegal acts.

David Satter examines President Obama’s open microphone remarks to Dmitry Medvedev about flexibility over global missile defense in his second term.  What is President Obama failing to grasp as far as Russia is concerned? Satter points out that Obama is failing to understand that Russians are not his friends or allies, and they would take any opportunity to manipulate the US.  What is Vladamir Putin’s long term agenda? What is he trying to extract from the United States? Satter suggests that the United States should send the Russian regime a message that the U.S. will operate on the basis of facts and we are going to hold them accountable for their actions.

Jim Hanson provides an analysis of Staff Sgt. Robert Bale’s trial; the lawyer for the Army Staff Sergeant accused of slaughtering 16 Afghan civilians in a nighttime shooting rampage said on Monday the soldier has a sketchy memory of the night of the massacre. Lawyer John Henry Browne said SSgt. Bale remembers very little or nothing from the time the military believes he went on a shooting spree through two Afghan villages. Hanson gives his take on what could have happened and our military must deal with this event as well as soldiers who may be prone to these types of outbursts.

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On todays show Frank interviews former Attorney General Ed Meese, Nina Shea, and Bill Gertz.

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