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·         MARY O’GRADY of the Wall Street Journal explains how Raul Castro’s daughter was permitted to come to the US and lobby for Obama while bashing American foreign policy and holding an American hostage in Cuba.

O'Grady: Castro Endorses Obama

·         DR. JOHN MARION from Logos Technologies explains the use of small blimps with new surveillance technology that allows for a wider view and long view of a target.

Day/Night ISR Floats Over Afghanistan

·         ERIC EVERSOLE from the Military Voter Protection Project discusses the need to protect our veteran’s right to cast a ballot and how thousands of votes are not being counted due to poor government policies.

Military Voter Protection Project Launches Heroes Vote Initiative

·         Former Special Forces Operator JIM HANSON talks about the leaks coming out of the Obama Administration and how they are putting our national security at risk.

Leakers Leak about Leak Investigation


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By the virtue of their service our men and women in uniform are entitled to have their votes count and be counted, unfortunately for a long time this has not been the case. Eric Eversole the leader of a group called the Military Voter Protection Project talks about Ground Hog Day experience where each election our troops find out their ballots didn’t make it in time to be counted. Eversole points out that it has become increasingly difficult for our men and women in uniform to vote.  Eversole mentions that it not only affects the morale of the troops but also impacts the elections. We need to find an alternate to regular mail to get the votes of the troops in.

Karen Lugo, a prominent member of the federal society, a lawyer and a visiting professor at the Chapman University sheds light on ‘Taqiyya Tour’ sponsored by Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) presents the idea that  Sharia and our constitution are not only compatible but they are inspired by the same ideas.  ICNA has a budget of $3 million to run this program.  ICNA points out that the Sharia to be implemented in the U.S. would be different from the one adopted by conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Bruce Klinger a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and a former CIA and DIA intelligence specialist examines the situation in North Korea and its new regime.  Klinger points out that the recent launching of a missile by N. Korea is a violation of the UN resolution and the agreement signed with the U.S. Klinger mentions that N. Korea testing its nuclear weapons is a certainty and this has closed any doors for negotiations. Should the U.S. engage in diplomatic talks and negotiations with this country? What should be the administration’s response?

Does the recent raid over the weekend by the Haqqani network in some of the highly secured areas of Afghanistan show that we are losing in Afghanistan? Does it point to a lack of coherent strategy in Afghanistan?  Jim Hanson former Army Special Forces and our boots on the ground specialist joins Frank to discuss the situation in Afghanistan plus the recent controversial photos posted by newspapers of an Army soldier posing with a blown up dead body.

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