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With F. Michael Maloof, Neil Munro, Jim Lafferty, and Clare Lopez

MICHAEL MALOOF of WND analyzes the connection between drug cartels and transnational gangs. These cartels are using gang members inside the US to carry out assassinations, kidnappings and torture.

White House corrospondent NEIL MUNRO looks at how Hurricane Sandy has affected the campaigns of both Romeny and Obama. He also looks at how the mainstream media is hiding Obama's failures in order to help him get re-elected.

JIM LAFFERTY of the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force educates listeners on a growing number of Islamic charter schools in northern Virginia that are promoting Sharia and underminding US law.

CLARE LOPEZ of the Center for Security Policy gives her take on the Benghazi situation and how the president knew about the attack within two hours of it starting, yet decided to go to bed.

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