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Are the cuts to space as apocalyptic as they seem? According the Frank Slazer, a lot of these cuts are not disastrous to national security but the dismal of these programs will result in the loss of one million jobs. Can our economy really afford one million more people on the unemployment line? The first round of defense cuts might be acceptable, but the second round of cuts could have serious implications to our national security. Defense contractors will be forced to purchase parts that are vital to military performance, from foreign companies where the parts could be faulty or even sabotaged.

Why would the Pentagon want to hide a section of a report that highlights a rise in sexual assault among women in the military? Elaine Donnelly says its because the fact that since 2006 violent sexual assaults have doubled would pose a serious roadblock to Obama’s plan to integrate women into the front lines. A congressional committee on diversity wants to ignore physical ability, performance, readiness and morale and instead believe that women are able to perform the same combat as their male counterparts. Can women really meet the standards needed to become a Navy SEAL or fight an enemy in hand-to-hand combat? If women start joining men on the front lines, what will that mean for military effectiveness and morale?

Is Obama forcing the US into a war with Syria without a plan just so he can appease the Muslim Brotherhood? Christian Whiton explains that Syria’s neighbors are pushing to arm the rebels and are seeking to put a non-Islamist face on the rebels so America will have no problem joining them. How come the president has not mentioned his plans to the American people?

The Islamists use American laws in order to further their own agenda, liberals use the Constitution to further their own agenda. Are the liberals and the Islamists working hand-in-hand to destroy American liberties? ICNA is pushing a $3 million campaign to “educate” Americans on Sharia and the liberal media is supporting this effort. Obama has begun intimidating the Supreme Court in order to keep his health care reform intact. When Arizona came out with their immigration law, Obama was the first to call on the Supreme Court to overturn it, but when it comes to his own law he denounces the Supreme Court as having no real authority because they are not an elected body. Which is it Mr. President, do you support the Supreme Court or denounce it?

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