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Author and President of Kings College in New York City DINES D’SOUZA, talks about his upcoming film 2016: Obama’s America and what America will look like if Obama is re-elected. Obama believes America needs to have a reduced footprint in the world and he is doing so by decreasing American wealth, influence and security. He will increase America’s demise if he is re-elected and 2016 might be too late to turn things around.

GEN. JERRY BOYKIN (USA Ret.) talks about last weeks attack at the Family Research Council and how the liberal media is not accurately portraying the horrific events of that day.

Former CIA officer FRED RUSTMANN analyzes the recent security leaks coming from the Obama Administration, and he and his colleagues agree these leaks are purely for political gains while putting lives at risk.

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG discusses the early stages of China’s political destruction as well as their play to gather more US technology companies in order to steal their products.

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