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MICHAEL RUBIN of AEI gives us a look at what is happening in the Middle East, and in particular how relations between various Arab countries could impact Israel.

GORDON CHANG examines the changes taking place within China's People's Liberation Army on the eve of their once-a-decade political transition.

General JACK KEANE provides his expert opinion on the budget crisis the U.S. military is facing--a crisis that is not waiting until January 1st, but that is happening now thanks to cuts already made.

ROGER NORIEGA takes a look at Governor Romney's rhetoric concerning Latin America, and well as what potential the region has for the U.S.--both good and bad.

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GENERAL JACK KEANE (USA Ret.) analyzes the current Iraqi situation and how Obama's lack of strategic thought has led to an Iraq that is no more than a puppet for the Iranian regime. Instead of leaving a residual force in place, Obama pulled out all troops and essentially forced the new and unprotected Iraqi government to become friends with nefarious groups.

BRIAN ZIMMER, president of the Coalition for a Secure Driver's License, discusses how countries, such as China, are creating counterfeit American drivers licenses. This allows foreign citizens and potential terrorists to enter the US as well as faking American citizenship abroad.

Author JOHN WHOLSTETTER talks about his new book which sheds light on one of Washington’s dirtiest secrets, nuclear weapons. America's nuclear deterrent is aging, but instead of upgrading the technology politicians are cutting the nuclear force and letting the ones that aren't destroyed to just atrophy.

ANDY McCARTHY analyzes Obama's relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and shows how Obama has openly courted the brotherhood since he first got elected in 2008. Obama's actions have emboldened the Muslim Brotherhood to take charge of Egypt as well as run influence operations inside the US.

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· FRED GRANDY gives a rundown on the week’s major headlines including Sharia creeping its way into American courts and the Obama Administration’s policies resulting in the death of US soldiers.

US secretly releases high-level Taliban in exchange for pledges of peace

· MACKENZIE EAGLEN from the American Enterprise Institute discusses the impeding sequestration cuts facing the military and what that would mean for US security.

Sequestration is more likely than you think

· GEN. JACK KEANE (RET.), Chairman of the Board at the Institute for the Study of War, explains how the Obama Administration has yet to listen to any of the field commander’s recommendations. That unwillingness to do what is needed is resulting in the deaths of US service members.

· BILL GERTZ of the Washington Times and the Washington Free Beacon takes us inside The Ring to explain how Obama is turning his back on America’s allies.

Inside The Ring

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Walid Phares weighs in on the situation in Syria. What role does the Muslim Brotherhood, China, and Russia play in this conflict? The administration is adopting the “Istanbul Process” to avoid offending the Muslim Brotherhood here in the U.S. and abroad. What are the implications of coddling the Muslim Brotherhood?

How does the austere economic climate affect our men and women in uniform? The President of the National Association of Uniformed Services, Former Lieutenant General Jack Klimp covers employment, salary, and healthcare issues from the perspective of our Military Services.

Retired General Jack Keane ponders whether we are on the verge of another war in the Middle East. Israel will strike against Iran if it feels threatened. Will the conflict between Israel and Iran pull the United States into another war? Is the United States making a noticeable effort to avoid this catastrophe in the Middle East?

Jim Carafano reviews crucial implications of the administration’s defense cuts. Is the White house revealing the impact of the cuts the Pentagon is obliged to start implementing by law? Jim discusses the Saving American Dream initiative to deal with such challenges along the way.

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“We must insist our Representatives and members in Congress do what the Constitution tells them to do, which is to provide for the common defense. It is the first duty of government and one that we must insist they perform.” Frank kicks off today’s show reflecting on what is occurring on Capitol Hill. Leon Panetta and Martin Dempsey warned Congress of the dire impact of major defense cuts. Congress is in process of undoing the most formidable military, as the world is becoming even more dangerous.

Will President Obama’s decision to remove the surge forces in Afghanistan put the remaining 3,000 American forces at risk? General Jack Keane examines the administration’s proposed pull out of 30,000 troops by next September. Although the Taliban has been largely defeated in southern Afghanistan, the operation in the east continues to face threats. It is not a matter of the Taliban having endeared themselves in the hearts and minds of the people in the east, but rather that these people live in continued fear of the militant forces. General Keane argues that once all members of the Taliban have been killed, the Afghan people will be automatically on our sides. Since General Allen has taken over control of the US forces in Afghanistan, he has started an assessment of the situation. In his assessment, he has laid out an unacceptable level of risk associated with the current plans for troop withdrawal. However, the President continues to ignore the council of generals who argue that 3,000 troops will not be enough to secure the nation.

Should Turkey try to confront Iran for its hostilities in the region, rather than ignore the nation like the United States has done? Journalist-in-residence at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Claudia Rosett shares with Frank her recent experiences attending a pro-free market conference in Turkey. The situation in Turkey today paints a dark scene for democracy in the state. The ascendance of the AKP Islamic Part in 2002 saw the beginning of a sinister takeover of the country by Islamists. Turkish citizens are becoming more and more concerned due to many journalists being arrested after the publication of articles criticizing the government. The former narrative of a Turkey was that of a country ruled by a Muslim majority who believed in having a moderate, democratic, and free market nation. After the neutering of the Turkish military, the country has started on the path towards the revival of the Ottoman Empire.

National Security Editor at the Washington Times and weekly Friday guest here on Secure Freedom Radio, Bill Gertz concludes today’s show talking Panetta, Dempsey, and the Air Sea Battle concept. Security of Defense Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey appeared before the House Armed Services Committee this week to warn of the serious effects that $450 billion of defense cuts would have on our nation’s national security. The US’s ability to provide protection in regions overrun with terrorists such as countries in Northern Africa will be eliminated with these proposed cuts. Many members in Congress are trying to avoid the slash and burn approach taken in relation to defense cuts. Moreover, Gertz discusses his recent article about the Air Sea Battle concept, where air forces are used to protect naval ships from a possible future conflict with China.

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