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In 1976 the CIA had an official Team B.  They were a group of intelligence officials and experts who were assigned to offer a competitive intelligence analysis to challenge the conventional wisdom on the Soviet nuclear posture.   They determined accurately that the U.S. intelligence assessments had underestimated Soviet nuclear forces.  This led to the strategy which, once based on an accurate understanding of the enemy, was able to counter the threat of a militant totalitarian superpower.

Today on Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Radio, Lt. General William Boykin joins Frank to discuss the Team B2 Report.  General Boykin, who is the former United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, led a team of bipartisan former intelligence officials and leading terrorism experts in a study on the true nature of the threat of Totalitarian Islamist terrorism.

The report can be found at

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Frank speaks with Lieutenant General William Boykin, who talks about his new book entitled Danger Close, a novel dedicated to those in the intelligence community combating terrorism.  Later, General Boykin opens up about his sentiments regarding several pertinent issues facing the country, ranging from the Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan to Islamic terrorism.  Ambassador Henry Cooper shares his expertise on nuclear issues and weighs in on how the recently signed New START Treaty is the Obama administration’s first step in achieving an agenda that limits our nuclear weapons capabilities—a dangerous and inadvisable path for national security.  Finally, Frank opens up about what he perceives as the decimation of our armed forces, and how such a reduction by the current administration is endangering the American people.

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