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Could the U.S. be a victim of a cyber attack like that of Stuxnet? Should the U.S. pull support for the U.N. in light of recent developments within the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization?  Shaun Waterman of the Washington Times brings to light an ongoing development within the realm of cyber threats. Duqu, a variant of the Stuxnet worm that attacked the Iranian nuclear plant has already started to infect some computers in the Middle East and Asia and may even have inflected a system in the U.S. This worm embeds itself in a computer system and steals password and username information as well as copying all the data files. What would this mean for American security if such a virus infected American computers? Do we have a cure?

Next, Hannah Stuart from the Henry Jackson Society provides listeners with a strategic briefing on Turkey and the Arab Spring. What is the connection between the Syrian regime and the Turkish government? It seems that Turkey is protecting an opposition military, Free Syrian Army, and allowing them to run operations against the Assad regime from refugee camps on the border.

In segment three, Ambassador Yoram Ettinger educates listeners on the developments at the United Nations over the weekend in which UNESCO granted Palestine full membership in the organization.  As a result, will the U.S. pull funding from the U.N. as it claimed it will?

Finally, regular guest Gordon Chang enlightens us on recent events in China. With growing unrest throughout the country, it seems that Communist leadership will have their hands full in the coming months. People are upset over economic, political and legal restrictions which are causing these protests to turn violent. On another note, the EU is looking at China to help with their financial woes and in turn China wants military hardware which ultimately comes from the U.S. Therefore America would indirectly be giving military technology to a country with growing military ambitions.

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