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Fred Grandy recaps the most important topics of the week. Grandy claims that the Sharia epicenter has become Egypt and is shocked by the breaches in security that was extended to the Muslim Brotherhood for their recent trip to the White House. Hillary Clinton seems to be engaging the Muslim Brother and disengaging Congress when she decided to give $147 million that was blocked by Congress. Who controls US foreign policy, the Muslim Brotherhood or our elected leaders?

Ambassador Henry F. (Hank) Cooper, chairman of the Board of High Frontier explains the threat presented to the United States as a result of the North Korean missile launch. What is the future of relations between the US and North Korea?

The founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), M. Zuhdi Jasser was recently appointed by Sen. Mitch McConnell to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. Since then he has been suffering significant attacks against his integrity and ethics by radical Muslim groups related to the Muslim Brotherhood for not defending the Muslim culture and religion. These organizations ask,  “ how could a man (Jasser) who supports the curbing of Muslim civil and religious liberties at home be trusted as a 'commissioner' to review and analyze violations of religious freedoms abroad?" Dr. Jasser denounced the attacks as a defamation campaign, not only as a Muslim but as a professional as well.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton and Senior Fellow at The American Enterprise Institute describes the progress on the North Korean missile program, and the deficient diplomatic policy of the Obama’s Administration to provide food in return for North Korea ending their missile program.

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