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James Carroll, Photo Editor at American Legion Magazine, tells the amazing story of Marine Sgt. Jonathon Blank, who last year volunteered to extend his tour in Afghanistan. Just months before he would return home, Blank stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), resulting in the loss of his legs. Since, the American Legion Riders, motorcyclists’ part of the American Legion family, have raised over $125,000 to pay for Blank’s medical expenses. Carroll, an Air Force Veteran, documented Sgt. Blank’s story, and explains how the patriotic organization has been helping Veterans like Sgt. Blank across the country, since 1919.

Next, Congressman Bob Goodlatte, of the 6th district Virginia, joins Frank to discuss the “Diversity Visa Lottery,” and what he’s doing to eliminate it. Goodlatte calls the program unfair and unnecessary, as 10 to 15 million people around the world apply for visas and 50,000 winners are drawn out of a computer, based solely on luck rather than U.S. policy interests. Rep. Goodlatte speaks on the dangers from the program as well-organized terrorist groups can enter hundreds of applications, and if drawn “not only do they get a visa to come to the United States like the 9/11 hijackers did, they get a green card, a permanent resident status in the United States,” he says. This is why the Congressman has introduced the Security and Fairness Enhancement for America act (SAFE), which recently passed out of the House Judiciary Committee, to put an end to a system that randomly picks immigrants potentially from State Sponsors of Terrorism, all in the name of “diversity.”

Then, Georgian Ambassador Temuri Yakobashvili describes how Russia is trying to undermine his nation’s statehood. “We chose to be free, we chose to be democratic, and we chose to be part of the West,” he says, and as a result Russia continues to punish Georgia, from the invasion in 2008 to the bombings last year. The Ambassador gives his take on the latest developments that a Russian Agent was behind those bombings, including the one on the U.S. Embassy right as the U.S. began voting to ratify the START Treaty.

Finally, Steven Groves, of the Heritage Foundation, updates us on the Law of the Sea Treaty, appropriately named LOST, that may be voted on in Congress this fall. The treaty, long championed by Sen. John Kerry, would force the U.S. to pay royalties to the International Seabed Authority on resources obtained in the extended continental shelf. Groves explains why the treaty is “World Socialism on a global scale,” as wealth that could total in the hundreds of billions would be redistributed from the United States to land-locked nations.

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