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ILAN BERMAN of the American Foreign Policy Council talks about Iran’s growing influence in Latin America and the implications that has on American homeland security.

JESSICA ZUCKERMAN from the Heritage Foundation analyzes the probability of the US surviving an EMP attack. An attack could come from a nuclear weapon being detonated high in our atmosphere, from say China or North Korea, or from a solar flare.

Journalist ADAM KREDO discusses how a former Obama advisor and donor to the Democratic National Committee is now being investigated for attempting to purchase $10million in gold from a Congolese warlord. What impact did this nefarious person have on America’s foreign policy? Obama also has connections to other nefarious people who denounce the truth behind 9/11 and wish for the demise of Jews.

Former Special Forces operator JIM HANSON explains how Romney and Ryan’s fiscal responsibility will help the Pentagon to spend their money wisely while also providing the military with enough money to provide security for the US and its interests. He continues with an analysis of how Obama has lost the war in Afghanistan due to his lack of strategic and tactical thinking along with his disdain for the US military.

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