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·         MARY O’GRADY of the Wall Street Journal explains how Raul Castro’s daughter was permitted to come to the US and lobby for Obama while bashing American foreign policy and holding an American hostage in Cuba.

O'Grady: Castro Endorses Obama

·         DR. JOHN MARION from Logos Technologies explains the use of small blimps with new surveillance technology that allows for a wider view and long view of a target.

Day/Night ISR Floats Over Afghanistan

·         ERIC EVERSOLE from the Military Voter Protection Project discusses the need to protect our veteran’s right to cast a ballot and how thousands of votes are not being counted due to poor government policies.

Military Voter Protection Project Launches Heroes Vote Initiative

·         Former Special Forces Operator JIM HANSON talks about the leaks coming out of the Obama Administration and how they are putting our national security at risk.

Leakers Leak about Leak Investigation


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