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JOSE RODRIGUEZ, former CIA chief, gives his analysis on the Chinese trying to buy US secrets.

Former AMBASSADOR JOHN BOLTON talks about the presidential race and the its impact on American national security.

FRED FLEITZ of LIGNET explains the Syrian situation and the role Islamists are playing in the revolution.

Latin American expert JON PERDUE discusses Iran's influence in Latin America and what that means for American interests and security.

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· Ambassador JOHN BOLTON explains how the Law of the Sea Treaty can and will ruin American sovereignty.

The Choice is Clear: Romney Will Keep Us Safer

· Dr. ZUHDI JASSER talks about how Americans need to wake up to the threats posed by Shariah and start taking action to ensure their own security and freedoms.

Pfc Nasser Abdo is an Unmitigated Traitor to the United States

· Former CIA Operative JOSE RODRIGUEZ talks about his new book “Hard Measures” which explains the interrogative techniques that were used to help protect Americans but are now being outlawed.

In 'Hard Measures,' Former CIA Official Jose Rodriguez Defends Waterboarding

· ANDY McCARTHY discusses how Americans are jeopardizing their own safety when enacting laws that hamstring law enforcement and intelligence officers.

Senate Panel Cuts Pakistan Aid After Country Sentenced Doctor who Helped CIA

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