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Josh Levontin, a defense contractor with CAMERO Tech in Israel, reveals the latest defense technologies in Israel. CAMERO Tech has developed a product called ‘Xaver’ which is a product line that can see through walls and other various structures. Will this piece of technology change the battlefield? How can “Xaver” help the IDF to combat enemies such as Hamas and Hezbollah?

Former INS agent Michael Cutler considers the gravity of the lack of agents at the INS. There are approximately 5 to 10 million visa violators who enter the United States legally and go ‘missing’ in the country nowhere to be found. What does this mean for our national security? Does this grant the terrorists and other nefarious characters a ticket into the United States?

Congressman Mike Turner joins Frank to explore the repercussions of President Obama’s attempt to drastically reduce our nuclear weapons by 80%. Obama agreed to upgrade the weapons we have currently as a stipulation when signing the START Treaty, but now he is walking away from that plan. Are we serious about maintaining a nuclear deterrent? If the United States does reduce its nuclear deterrent capacity, will that leave us defenseless against attacks from rogue countries such as North Korea and Iran?

Cynthia Farahat provides us with a behind the scenes look into Egypt and the Arab Spring. Essam el-Erian chairman of the Egyptian Parliaments Foreign Committee, and a member of the Muslim Brother, says that “if you presume to cut any military aid to Egypt, then we will have to change the accord of the Camp David Accord.” Farahat talks to Fred about whether or not the U.S. and Israel take such a threat seriously. The president has added $800 million in aid for the Arab Spring, but what organization would actually be getting that money? Farahat details the support the Muslim Brotherhood has with Hamas which is designated as a terrorist organization. Is the U.S. supporting and funding the wrong regime in Egypt?

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