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With Andy Polk, KT McFarland, Christian Whiton, and Eric Schmitt

LIGNET Analyst ANDY POLK analyzes the French cartoon that resulted in the closure of twenty French embassies throughout the Middle East. Will France submit to Sharia and curtail free speech?

KT McFARLAND of Fox News explains how Obama’s schizophrenic foreign policy resulted in the death of an US ambassador, the destruction of US property and the general hatred for America.

CHRISTIAN WHITON of DC International Advisory talks about how the Islamists are turning to politics in order to gain power. He highlights the Islamist rise in Egypt, Iran working towards a nuclear weapon and the potential Islamist rise in Syria to explain why Obama’s pathetic diplomacy is not working.

Eric Schmitt of the NY Times questions Obama’s position that al-Qaeda has been weakened even though they were involved in the recent attacks on US embassies.

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With Greg Jones, KT McFarland, Peter Pham, and Jim Hanson

·         GREG JONES of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center discusses Iran’s current progress with its nuclear weapons program.

Greg Jones on Iran's Enrichment Process

·         Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFARLAND analyzes why the current White House leaks differ so greatly from leaks in the past, and why they pose such a huge threat to U.S. national security.

Obama Administration Playing Dangerous Game With Intelligence Leaks

·         PETER PHAM of the Atlantic Council takes a look at what led to Islamist rule in Mali, and what consequences the chaos there is having for the rest of the region.

Mali 'Terror Threat' Warning Given to Africa

·         JIM HANSON, the Director of Business Development at Absio Corp, talks about how the influence of organizations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood over military training in the US has helped lead to changing rules of engagement that put American soldiers at deep risk in the Middle East.

Upholding the Law or Kowtowing to Karzai?

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· Film producer JORDAN KRONICK takes us behind the scenes of his film, “Into Harm’s Way” which documents the life of 17 cadets from the West Point class of 1963, premiering at the GI Film Festival.

Into Harm's Way

· Sudanese activist, SIMON DENG, explains the human atrocities in the Nuba Mountains and how the Obama Administration is ignoring the plight of the South Sudanese people.

Bombs and hunger haunt Sudan's Nuba mountains

· Host of DEFCON-3, KT McFARLAND, analyzes the leaks behind the “Underwear Bomber2.0” and the Obama Administration’s willingness to disclose sensitive information to our enemies and thereby ruining our credibility with foreign intelligence services.

US strategy in Afghanistan – is it working?

· Forbes analyst GORDON CHANG talks about the growing tension between the Philippines and China and how Obama is no honoring the treaty to protect the Philippines. Also, the US is allowing Chinese banks to enter American markets, which could spell disaster for the American economy.

Helping China Build a Stronger Military

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1st Lieutenant Joshua Waddell (USMC) was given an unsatisfactory fitness report because he followed orders and went after a known terrorist. The military feels that civilians could have been harmed in the operation to capture this terrorist and therefore Lt. Waddell should not have pursued the man, yet this man planted IEDs throughout Afghanistan with no regard for civilian life. Sara Carter explains how the Rules of Engagement are increasingly being set by our enemies instead of our military leadership. Congress is now working on the Waddell Bill which would establish a three person review board, in country, to review these cases before they end up in a soldiers file and thereby ruining careers. Since when is it wrong to go after terrorists?

The Arab Spring is becoming less about democracy and freedom and more about radical Islam coming to power. KT McFarland elaborates on the notion that countries in which the US played an active role after their revolution, were more likely to become democratic and proper. Should the US push for a greater role in the future of countries like Egypt?

The New York City MTA allowed a pro-Palestinian ad, which denounces Israel, to be publically displayed in the NYC subway system yet they denied a pro-Israeli ad which they deemed as demeaning. Promoting jihad is acceptable, but promoting democracy is demeaning? Robert Muise is helping to sue the NYC MTA over violation of first amendment rights because he feels the MTA made gave this ad a public forum and therefore must also provide a public forum for an opposing advertisement. Is this another form of the stealth jihad?

The current congressional representative of Maryland’s 8th district has some questionable ties to Tehran and the Iranian regime. Ken Timmerman will be trying to take incumbent Chris Van Hollen’s seat in the 8th congressional district this November because he is tired of seeing Iranian lobbyists influencing member of Congress. What has Chris Van Hollen done in support of Iran?

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Throughout history there have been game changers in war, from artillery in WWI to aircraft carriers in WW II.   During Operation Iraqi Freedom it was the advanced combat optical gun sight that proved revolutionary.  Today on Secure Freedom Radio Jeff Eby joins Frank to discuss this important technology that his company manufactured.  Eby, an Advanced Technology Programs Manager at Trijicon, an American Defense Manufacturer, explains how the magnified optics enabled our fighters to survey the bad guys from the good.  In Iraq, like Vietnam and Somalia before it, the enemy cloaks itself within civilian society, and the new gun sight was crucial to defeating the enemy without injuring civilians who we needed on our side.  Eby, who spent 29 years as an Infantryman, also discusses military budget cuts and the importance of maintaining sufficient personnel in all levels of conflict, in areas of the world where merely our presence maintains the peace.

Then, KT McFarland, national security expert, columnist and commentator joins Frank to assess our security 10 years since 9/11.  10 years ago, McFarland was in lower Manhattan as she watched the towers fall.  And now, the Fox News National Security Analyst and host of DefCon-3, is proud that while we were rebuilding, “Osama Bin Laden died an old man, wearing dirty clothes in a tiny windowless room in Pakistan watching video reels of himself.”  McFarland explains the evolution of the War on Terror, which has transformed from Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda 1.0, to worldwide cells 2.0 and now al-Qaeda’s domestic 3.0 lone wolves.  She also explains how the Muslim Brotherhood, the “mother ship” of al-Qaeda, is trying to take advantage of the Arab Spring, “to win through the ballot box what they weren’t able to win militarily.”  She finally adds her comments on the brilliant work of the NYPD in keeping her city safe, and how a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian State will be “a match thrown into a room full of gasoline” for the nations surrounding Israel.

Next, Frank welcomes back John Yoo, Professor of Law at University of California, Berkley, former deputy assistant attorney general in the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice and Co-editor for the new book Confronting Terror: 9/11 and the Future of American National Security, a retrospective from the greatest minds in national security on the balance between security and civil liberties after 9/11.  Yoo defends the record of the Bush Administration of no attacks, and attributes this fact to the methods and policies he helped put in place, including Guantanamo Bay and warrantless wire tapping.  He explains the difference between approaching 9/11 as an act of war rather than a criminal act, and explains how the Obama Administration, although reluctantly, has continued many of the same war policies, with one important distinction.  “No high ranking terrorist has been captured in two years,” says Yoo, who fears with an administration that would rather kill terrorists than deal with political backlash, we risk losing “the greatest source to our successes in the War on Terror,” namely intelligence.  Yoo also comments on the “deeper problem, the ideological fight” here at home, and how in “fighting on the frontier of ideas” we must “stop the spread of ideologies that are behind the people that want to attack us.”

Finally, Bill Gertz, gives us our weekly update from “Inside the Ring,” with the breaking news that the Administration has opted against selling 66 new F-16s to Taiwan amid intense bipartisan pressure from Congress to sell these new jets. Gertz remarks this is a prime example of “weakness is provocative,” as pro-China officials in White House successfully manipulated assessments by the intelligence community to paint the picture that the deal would give Taiwan a greater offensive ability.  The news comes just as the Pentagon’s annual report shows an alarming military buildup in China.  Gertz also explains a recent report from Bob Woodward, that government officials thwarted the Bush Administration from taking military action against a secret nuclear facility in Syria.  Had the Israelis not acted in 2007, Gertz asserts, “we might have a very advanced nuclear program in Syria.”  “We see a government that is out of control,” says Gertz, not only economically but in national security as well.  He also discusses the vulnerabilities in cyber warfare that the new commander of Cyber Command, Gen. Keith Alexander, recently revealed.

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Today on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank and KT McFarland of, discuss the Russian-Chinese Axis and their deliberate proliferation of nuclear weapons technology. Next, Frank and Congressman Thad McCotter talk about the likelihood that the United States will cut its defense establishment national security capabilities. Finally, Frank and Gordon Chang will discuss the possible coming collapse of China.

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