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Recent attacks in Afghanistan were meant to kill Afghan security forces as well as ruin the will of the ISAF forces in country, but according to Lisa Curtis this plan backfired miserably. Pakistan is failing to crackdown on safe havens for terrorists thereby jeopardizing the US and coalition mission in Afghanistan. When will the administration start cracking down the Pakistan’s complacency?

Sexual entrapment, financial blackmail and family pressure are all techniques used in espionage and put national security in serious jeopardy. What can be done to ensure our government is giving security clearances to people who will not become subjects of such forms of blackmail? Tim Lister explains that many of the agencies that do background checks are so overworked that people are falling through the cracks. How secure is our nations’ secrets?

The situation in Egypt has gone from bad to worse since the fall of Mubarak and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Caroline Glick clarifies how the Muslim Brotherhood will not work with Israel and the United States the way that Mubarak did and therefore putting Israeli security and American interests at risk. Why is Obama encouraging the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood?

India successfully tested a missile that can reach any part of China which led the Chinese to frantically discredit the missile because they have no actual response to the growing Indian threat. Gordon Chang evaluates the notion of transferring “dual usage” technology to the Chinese which they would most likely use for their military efforts. Is Obama trying to strengthen our enemies on purpose?

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