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With Pat Caddell, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, Alice Linahan, and Fred Fleitz

Columnist PAT CADDELL gives his take on the Benghazi attack and Obama’s failures to not only adequately protect the consulate, but to respond once the attack occurred.

LT. COL. RALPH PETERS (USA Ret.) analyzes Obama’s foreign policy failures, which seems to outweigh his successes. He explains how the United States is not safer, but more vulnerable since Obama took office.

ALICE LINAHAN of Women on the Wall discusses her group’s work to educate women on issues of national security and what impact that might have on the upcoming election.

FRED FLEITZ of LIGNET explains al-Qaeda’s sabotage efforts in the Middle East, as well as Israel’s efforts to slow down Iran’s nuclear production.

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Lt. General William “Jerry” Boykin discusses Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya and how it needs to be a coalition fight and not just an American campaign. US Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (ret.) discusses the “Arab Awakening.” It started with a street vendor in Tunisia setting himself on fire which kicked off a revolt by the oppressed people of the Arab world who have had enough of their regimes. Lt. Col. Peters also discussed the international community intervening at the eleventh hour in Libya.  Then, Jon Perdue of the Fund for American Studies and author of the upcoming book, “War of All the People”, discussed the president’s trip to Latin America where he tried to increase trade with Brazil and Chile.  Also, the Republicans are pushing the president for a Colombian free trade agreement as well as Hugo Chavez’s summit with terrorist organizations in Caracas. Finally, Gordon Chang discusses the Japanese prognosis in the aftermath of catastrophic events. China will defend Libya and speak out against coalition bombings in order to establish good relations with the Qaddafi regime. Gordon also analyzes the Google attack by the Chinese government and how the buildup of the Chinese military will affect the 2012 presidential elections.

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