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Retired Lieutenant General and President of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, Nicholas Kehoe joins Frank to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Kehoe discusses what exactly this award represents as well as the type of people who receive it.  The best description of the award, which comes from the book Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty, is that soldiers “earn it at the intersection of happenstance and hell”.  It embodies characteristics that apply to people in their everyday lives and the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation works to spread these ideals through their development programs.


Claudia Rosett, journalist-in-residence at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and former writer for The Wall Street Journal, joins Frank to discuss the topic of Kim Jung Il.  His only legacy is that of a missile proliferator who ran a repressive regime and engaged in drug-trafficking and the counterfeiting of American currency.   It would be a mistake for Obama to perpetuate his regime by striking deals with his successor.  In addition, it appears that Hillary Clinton is mimicking such behavior by allowing the advancement of the agenda of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in the United States, after the recent State Department-OIC conference in Washington. 


Frank’s next guest today is Gal Luft, Executive Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security and senior advisor to the US Energy Security Council.  Mr. Luft addresses what he calls the “energy security paradox” in which we have significantly reduced our dependency on foreign oil over the past seven years, yet we are becoming poorer and deeper in debt.  This is because even with self-sufficiency, we do not have control over the price of oil.  Luft suggests that we can only regain control by introducing new competition to offset the oil monopoly. 


Today’s show concludes with former U.S. Special Forces operator Jim Hanson speaking with Frank about the 150th Anniversary of the Congressional Medal of Honor, Joe Biden’s ineptness as Vice President, and Bradley Manning. In the wake of the anniversary of this award for service to our nation, some recent events are unsettling.  Joe Biden recently commented that the Taliban are not our enemy.  This comment reflects our poor national security policy regarding Afghanistan.  Similarly, the release of classified military information by US Army soldier Bradley Manning highlights the issue of how this administration turns a blind eye to certain security issues.

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