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Lt. Gen. JERRY BOYKIN discusses the Special Operations Speaks campaign that is calling for a full inquiry into the Benghazi attack of 9/11/12. He also goes over what little we know so far of the Boston terrorist attack that occurred yesterday.

Washington Free Beacon senior writer ADAM KREDO explains how US taxpayers are unknowingly providing money to terrorists.

LUKE BENCIE of Security Management International talks about the threat of economic espionage that advanced US businesses face, in particular from China, and the impact it has on US innovation.

In the wake of the Boston tragedy, former federal prosecutor ANDY McCARTHY reflects on the assault on U.S. freedoms, and in particular freedom of speech and right to bear arms, currently taking place in America.

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On today’s edition of Secure Freedom Radio, Frank is concerned that while we may be distracted by hurricanes and earthquakes, our country continues on course toward European style multiculturalism and “diversity,” allowing groups like the Muslim Brotherhood to systematically destroy the West from within.  Call him crazy, he says, but as the Director of National Intelligence relies on Muslim Brotherhood for “advice, counsel and wisdom,” the new Obama strategy for local law enforcement requires collaborating with enemy front organizations, and Hillary Clinton works with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to curb expression that will have “negative consequences for Muslims,” Frank merely points out the sinister goals of these organizations, namely a global caliphate.  While the Left collaborates with totalitarian states, Frank is inclined to listen to the warnings of Mark Steyn, Bat Ye’or and Andy McCarthy who are not disillusioned by a post-modernist and post-nationalist ideology that capitulates to civilization jihad.  It is past the time for Americans to awaken to the dangers of Shariah.

Caroline Glick, of the Jerusalem Post, joins Frank to discuss the recent attacks on Israel from the Sinai Peninsula, where the Egyptian military is turning a blind eye to the increasingly lawless area.  Once a buffer for Israel’s security, the August 18th attack from Sinai has proved the nefarious situation our ally finds itself in the wake of Egypt’s Arab Spring.  The Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Center for Security Policy says Israel must resist requests to amend its longstanding peace treaty with Egypt, which would only invite more aggression from its adversaries.  Glick also informs on the upcoming UN General Assembly vote for a Palestinian state and why “anything less than a complete veto would be unacceptable” from the President.

Next, Luke Bencie, Managing Director of Security Management International, explains the growing phenomenon of industrial espionage and how he protects government and business from this little known threat.  In this past year, $300 billion in intellectual property was stolen or attempted to be stolen.  Whether state-sponsored or private industrial espionage, “old school KGB” style thieves are stealing secrets and selling to the highest bidder, says Bencie, whose company works to equip companies to meet this risk.  Bencie, the public point-of-contact for all new business inquires at SMI, also gives tips for keeping your secrets safe given the many ways we are vulnerable as “gaining access to your email information while you’re ‘WiFi-ing’ in the lounge is pretty easy to compromise,” he says.

Finally, Gordon Chang, of Forbes, gives us his weekly China update, where the latest wikileaks cable could prove the most detrimental to America’s security.  The document, sent by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last January to the embassies of Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand, warned against an impending Chinese nuclear missile launch.  The question Chang asks is how did we know?  With a retired People’s Liberation Army General, Xu Guangyu, stating “if China could no longer keep secret its missile launches, it would not be able to launch a surprise attack on the US,” it is clear what the Communist country has been planning and “we ignore at our own peril,” says Chang.

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