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In the current debt ceiling debate, “it’s one thing to have a financial deficit. It’s another thing to have a national security deficit,” says Marion Blakey. Blakey, President of Aerospace Industries Association, joins Frank to discuss the frightening new defense cuts proposed in Congress, and what effects to our capabilities they would entail. Blakey believes the U.S. cannot afford a “hollow army,” and that is why she’s launched Second to None, a campaign to protect America’s superior military that has ensured a safer world. Then, Congressman Louie Gohmert, 1st District of Texas, adds his insight on the debt ceiling debate, in which he’s not too surprised the most transparent Administration in history is conducting negotiations behind doors. Gohmert expresses his fear of extensive cuts to the defense budget, but also his hope that now the House is deliberating with the Senate, rather than the President, the purported cuts will not be as severe. Next, former CIA Intelligence Officer Fred Fleitz shares his concerns with the U.S. Intelligence community’s scandalous refusal to “make an honest call” on the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Fleitz explains the biased nature of U.S. Intelligence’s 2007 assessment that concluded Iran halted its program in 2003, even as evidence has mounted over the years revealing an active program. Fleitz, who also served in the State Department and House Intelligence Committee, describes the need for Congress to call for an outside review, and how Iran could be testing nuclear weapons within two years. Finally, Andy McCarthy, of National Review, explains how a “Norwegian white guy who killed a bunch of Norwegians” may not be a case of Islamaphobic mass murder. McCarthy, who remains one of the leading voices against militant Islam, remarks how the ravings of a mad man have no enduring lesson on America’s current security and that the tragedy should not be used otherwise.

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