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The Department of Justice allows the use of Shariah law in certain court cases and Muslims are allowed freedom from work for their religious practices, yet what about the other religions in America who are not given as much freedom or attention in the workforce or court systems?  Fred Grandy explains that “you can’t have submission without domination.” We are now beginning to submit to the domination of Islam. How far will this submission go and will we be able to stop it in time?

It is necessary that the US government label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Mark Campbell explains that in doing so, the US government can connect the Muslim Brotherhood’s front organizations to other terrorist groups, like Hamas. This will allow the federal government to start systematically disband their network in the United States. Why has the Obama Administration failed to do so?

There is a failure on the part of the intelligence community to learn, understand and adapt to the threats against the United States. Lt. Gen. Harry “Ed” Soyster (Ret.) brings up the fact that our government is not speaking openly and clearly as to the nature of the threats we face, or our objectives in combating such threats. We must know ourselves and our enemy if we are to succeed in protecting our homeland. Will the Obama Administration ever speak openly about the threats against us?

The Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the US want to delegate counterterrorism policy to our lawmakers thereby controlling who we deem are or are not a threat. Andy McCarthy enlightens us to the notion that there are some people that see Islamists as a group that needs to be combated while others feel that if we allow them into the halls of government, then they will change their ways. These groups will use whatever means available to achieve their objective and we must remember that Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, is the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch.

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