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Is President Obama so weak that he is willing to give more aid to Egypt even though they are holding Americans in jail on trumped up charges? The Muslim Brotherhood sees the president as weak and therefore knows they can act with impunity towards America. The Muslim Brotherhood though faces an important decision that will affect their future in Egypt; will they risk the support of the populous in order to promote Sharia? The people of Egypt revolted against Mubarak and supported the Muslim Brotherhood because they wanted a freer society with more opportunities. Dr. Barry Rubin explains how our enemies are saving us because their mistakes are negating our own.

Chief Information Officer for the Newt Gingrich campaign sheds light on the misguided notion that Obama is invulnerable on the national security front. The process to capture or kill Usama bin Laden began years before Obama took office therefore he cannot solely take credit for the takedown. People need to realize that he has and is continuing to fail to protect American defense and American business from cyberattacks. Then again, are we allowing China to penetrate our defenses and businesses in order to feed them false information? Mark Gembicki explains that very notion as well as Newt’s ability to speak the truth on America’s threats while the president tries to downplay them.

Fred Grandy goes inside the Cloakroom with Representative Sue Myrick in order to drill down on the failure of both the DOD and DOJ in adequately providing clarity to Congress as to their training practices. The president has made it clear he does not want the US government to use any terminology that might offend the Muslim community, but how can we train our agents to combat a threat if we cannot openly and truthfully talk about the threat? Are our agents getting the proper training and if so how come Attorney General Holder and Secretary Panetta wont come clean as to how their agents are being trained? Congress controls the purse strings, not the president, therefore his ideas for future aid to Egypt even in light of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, can only be allocated by Congress who is less willing to give taxpayer money to promoters of Sharia law.

China is blatantly engaged in cyber warfare with the United States, yet our government seems to lack a clear understanding of this threat. Even though China might be going after American intellectual property, there is a strong power struggle within the Communist party. Military officials are trying to defect to the United States only to be denies asylum. Does the US want to keep these dissenters in China so they can continue to add to the instability of the regime? Gordon Chang explains that very notion.

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