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With Ambassador John Bolton, Matt Parker, Matt Continetti, and Gordon Chang

AMBASSADOR JOHN BOLTON explains how the Obama Administration is failing to either understand the true nature of the attacks against US embassies, or admit they were wrong in claiming al-Qaeda was no longer a threat. The leftists could potentially use these attacks to hinder Americans freedom of expression, claiming it is to enhance our security.

Protection expert and CEO of Independent Security Advisors MATT PARKER gives an inside look at the breakdowns in security that could have added to the destruction in Cairo and Benghazi. He explains that security comes from working with the host nation and those nations that are anti-US could make securing American embassies difficult in the even of future attacks.

MATT CONTINETTI of the Washington Free Beacon gives his take on the Obama Administration’s opinion that these attacks on US embassies are the result of a silly film. He argues that these attacks were coordinated and not the result of some film; Obama has been failing to properly respond to these attacks and protect his embassies.

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG looks at the recent developments between China and Japan. He explains that Chinese media are pushing for nuclear weapons to be used against Japanese islands that China feels belongs to them. The media is pushing for these WMD's to be used before America gets involved in the situation.

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