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Mvemba Dizolele of the Hoover Institute provides his take on Congo elections. The Democratic Republic of Congo hosts the Holocaust of our time. 6.9 million deaths since 1998. Will unrest from this year’s election lead to civil war in what is already the most deadly and unstable region on the planet? Hoover Institute fellow Mvemba Dizolele walks Frank through the state of play and helps us begin to get a picture of the world’s most complex and dangerous place.

Presidential candidate Senator Rick Santorum spends time with Frank to speak about his fellow presidential candidate Ron Paul’s ridiculous notion that America and the world will be safer if America just concedes to field to the Russians, Chinese or Islamists. Congressman Paul is advocating complete isolation and even goes so far as to blame America for the world’s problems. The world has never been as dangerous as it is now and therefore now more than ever America needs to exude influence and maintain a global presence. Why should America be surprised that a federal judge issued a statement citing Iran as an accomplice in the 9/11 attacks? Iran has been hostile towards the U.S. since the 1970s and has worked to kill more U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan than the Taliban and the Iraqis. Iran is using their oil revenue to attack and undermine U.S. presence in the Middle East as well as going after America’s ally, Israel. Finally, Senator Santorum touches on the Law of the Sea Treaty which he feels is in complete violation of American sovereignty and another attempt to create world governance. Senator John Kerry is pushing an agenda to diminish American sovereignty and power, but the world is a better place when America is in the lead and taking a proactive role. Who do you want to be in control of the seas, America and our values or these despots and their values which are in complete opposition to freedom and liberty?

Andy McCarthy joins Frank to give his analysis on Secretary Clinton’s meeting with the OIC. When good sits down with evil, it is never a good thing. There is nothing to be gained from this meeting because what the OIC wants is to impose Sharia on to the American landscape. The best thing that can come out of this meeting is nothing, the status quo which is not what the Obama Administration wants. Secretary Clinton announced that the government would not infringe on freedom of speech, but will try to use “naming and shaming” to condemn those who speak ill of Islam. Is it right that the American government tries to shame its citizens for speaking their mind? Instead of serving for the common defense, the government will now be trying to teach Americans how to behave. Year after year the Muslim Brotherhood as been trying to infuse Sharia into American life and every year they fail, so now they are trying the same tactic but are using a different rhetoric. The Brotherhood is trying to use the incitement laws in America in conjunction with Sharia blasphemy laws to claim that speaking ill of Islam will incite violence and therefore must be outlawed. This is the new tactic being used in order to impose the Sharia blasphemy laws here in America. Same story, new tricks but will the Obama Administration give in to the wishes of the OIC and the Muslim Brotherhood? Another trick of the Muslim Brotherhood is to buy their way into American culture. Powerful positions in the media, institutions of higher education such as Harvard as well as social networking sites are just a few ways in which Islamists are trying to infiltrate the West and impose Sharia on all freedom loving people.

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