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With David Yerulshami, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Neil Munro, and Andy McCarthy

You don’t have to go to Benghazi to find a cover-up.  Lawyer David Yerulshami stops by the show today to talk with Fred Grandy about an ongoing lawsuit and apparent cover-up by the Council of American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR.

Rep. Louie Gohmert gives his take on the “great act of statesmanship achieved by President Morsi” in brokering a cease fire agreement between Israel and Hamas. Hamas is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood therefore it is no surprise that Morsi became involved and pushed for an agreement that aided his fellow Islamists.

Fred and Neil Munro unpack the recent comments from Egyptian President Morsi that his rule is above judicial review. Is this assertiveness a response to President Obama's policy in the region?

Andy McCarthy drills down on the cease fire agreement between Hamas and Israel. Hamas won because the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Egypt gave them legitimacy and brokered the deal which served as a detriment to Israeli security.

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With F. Michael Maloof, Neil Munro, Jim Lafferty, and Clare Lopez

MICHAEL MALOOF of WND analyzes the connection between drug cartels and transnational gangs. These cartels are using gang members inside the US to carry out assassinations, kidnappings and torture.

White House corrospondent NEIL MUNRO looks at how Hurricane Sandy has affected the campaigns of both Romeny and Obama. He also looks at how the mainstream media is hiding Obama's failures in order to help him get re-elected.

JIM LAFFERTY of the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force educates listeners on a growing number of Islamic charter schools in northern Virginia that are promoting Sharia and underminding US law.

CLARE LOPEZ of the Center for Security Policy gives her take on the Benghazi situation and how the president knew about the attack within two hours of it starting, yet decided to go to bed.

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With Neil Munro, Rowan Scarborough, Brett Shaefer, and Andy McCarthy

NEIL MUNRO of the Daily Caller gives his take on the White Houses murky story behind the Benghazi attack as well as Secretary Clinton accepting responsibility for the lack of security.

Journalist ROWAN SCARBOROUGH analyzes the influx of foreign fighters into Syria and the lack of action by the Obama Administration.

BRETT SHAEFER of the Heritage Foundation looks at the corruption within the UN and the high pay scale for its employees.

Former federal prosecutor ANDY McCARTHY discusses the Libyan attack and where America can go in terms of security for its embassies.

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FRED GRANDY gives his weekly wrap-up which looks at the embassy attacks and how the Obama Administration has responded to them. He sees Obama’s foreign policy as giving the Islamists strength to attack American interests.

Former Army soldier RALPH PETERS comments on the turmoil in the middle east and north Africa continuing as protests rage in major cities, and discusses the drawdown in  Afghanistan criticizing both the Bush and Obama administration’s prosecution of the war. Recent anti-American outrage calls into question the future of Islam and highlights the failed foreign policy of the current administration towards the Muslim world, not to mention weakness towards Russia, Iran, and China.

NEIL MUNRO of The Daily Caller presents his views on current events in the Middle East and Obama’s policies towards the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists that attacked Americans in Libya last week.

BILL GERTZ from the Washington Times discusses the China-Japan crisis in Asia and the potential that the US could be drawn in further.  Gertz discusses Panetta’s visit to China, the pivot to Asia, US treaty agreements with Japan and military buildup of the Chinese PLA.  Is the US pursuing a containment strategy against Beijing and seeking to balance China in the region?

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