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With Mark Helprin, Bing West, Nonie Darwish, and Gordon Chang

MARK HELPRIN, BING WEST, and NONIE DARWISH all give their perspective on Obama's willingness to not only submit to Shariah, but circumvent the US Constitution in order to comply with this radical Islamic law. They also explain how Obama is forcing the military to comply with Shariah while silencing anyone that tries to speak the truth about America's enemy. Asian analyst GORDON CHANG examines the Chinese military build-up as well as the increasing push into politics on the part of the People's Liberation Army.

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· NONIE DARWISH explains how Shariah views women as ¼ human.

End the Shariah War On Women: Center for Security Policy Launches Campaign

· CYNTHIA FARAHAT analyzes the role of women in modern Egyptian society.

· KAREN LUGO looks at how the Islamists are using the American court system to enforce Shariah on their women.

· BRANDON MILLET of the GI Film Festival gives us a behind the scenes account of what the GI Film Festival is really all about.

GI Film Festival

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  • Roger Noriega, former U.S. ambassador to the Organization of American States, talks about President Obama’s participation at the Summit of the Americas where the decriminalization of drugs and the possibility of including Cuba in the next Summit were at issue.  Did the U.S. lead in setting the priorities for this Hemispheric agenda?
  • Noriega also addresses the importance of supporting the Mexican Government in the drugs war lead by The Zetas and the coming Presidential elections in Mexico.


  • Kentucky Senator Rand Paul sheds light on halting aid to Egypt. Egypt arrested pro-democracy workers and prosecuted them in December, 2011. The United States paid around $4 million for their release. Egypt received aid from the U.S. then immediately demanded that Interpol extradite the aid workers back to Egypt for their prosecution.
  • Senator Paul shares his thoughts on the Law of the Sea Treaty, and explains how our soldiers and sailors could be vulnerable to the jurisdiction of a foreign body.

Janice Kephart

  • Janice Kephart, Director of National Security Policy for the Center for Immigration Studies, addresses Massachusetts’s lack of commitment on following the REAL ID Act by not checking legal status on drivers’ license requests.
  • What will the implications be of the Obama administration’s order to remove U.S military forces from the Mexican border?


  • The director of Former Muslims United discusses her new book “The Devil You Don’t Know.” Learn why the problems Middle Eastern regimes like Egypt’s are much deeper than just ridding the countries of their tyrannical dictators.
  • Egypt’s hope of democracy will be crushed if the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power. The Muslim Brotherhood is not the secular organization they portray, yet the U.S. has sent them $1.5 billion in aid. Is the current administration supporting the Muslim Brotherhood at the expense of establishing democracy in Egypt?

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