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Rep. TOM MARINO, Represents Pennsylvania’s 10th district, member of the House Foreign Affairs and Homeland Security committees:

  • Conversation about political correctness and national leadership’s refusal to name radical Islam as a threat to the safety of Americans.

Dr. JACK CARAVELLI, co-author of the recently released “The Age of Hatred: Islam, Iran, and the New Middle East”:

  • Iran’s political ascendance
  • Tarnished US alliances in the Middle East
  • Nuclear proliferation of rogue states

DIANA WEST, nationally syndicated columnist:

  • Recent attacks by radical Muslims and the normalization of Sharia in the West.

PETER HUESSY, president of Geostrategic Analysis:

  • Examining the threat of a strong Iran to the Middle East and the rest of the world’s energy commerce
  • The shrinking of the U.S. military and its diminished ability to operate worldwide

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